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One can also book tatkal tickets from internet and the timings are from Earlier, only few of trains which are known to stop by at few stoppages in between the travel and the ones that carried priority and preference over other trains running along on the same route were depicted as superfast ones.

So, stay ahead with the use of technology, be informed and grab a bite of your favourite meal too with them. Accordingly people can have a look at the seats vacant and book them within time to stay away from any last minute hurdle. To make good planning when it comes to rail travel, it is pretty important to do check out first the time table online and get to know about its schedule, timing and so and accordingly afterwards make sure to get the seats and reservations in the same within time and avoid any fuss for the last minute of time.

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Well, when you keep a track of any train and check it live on Google maps, then there are two stations that you can see as source station name and final station name in blue and green coloured icons. Be aware of any changes in train schedules, train routes and others. Accordingly, it helps people to plan their journeys in a better and promising manner and the information also lets them know about the respective arrival and departure time from each junction and whether they are boarding or de-boarding the same.

People can know about the source station name and all the relevant details by checking out Indian Railways time table easily and in a convenient manner.

Though, few of jonathan sutherland on dating sights scenarios like cancellation of trains due to natural bad climatic conditions and striking staff might not be reflected in time table on time.

This is applicable only if there are seats available or last minute cancellations are there. What is the difference between express and mail train in Indian Railways? The internet and technology evolution has definitely helped people in getting access to everything like booking tickets and getting reservations just by the ease of being at home or in office and enabled availability of reliable and authentic train information within minutes in front of you.

When you use Spot your 139 railway enquiry online dating utility, access the same, you will come to know and see the live running status of the train on Google maps, it would be definitely be a fun filling experience to check out running train depicted in red and blue colours, depicting for something and you can check out the queried station as well on the same page.

The benefit of the SMS service is that passengers can access information even on the move, the official said for instance, if a passenger wants information about his train running behind schedule and the expected arrival at the destination, he can type the station code or station name along with his train number and SMS to And time table online can give you glimpse and about the overall schedule and movement of trains within one go.

Well, here you can actually get an idea of the same.

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Be 139 railway enquiry online dating of arrival time pederastas yahoo dating well as departure time of trains. It also gives them an idea about the running days of that train and more.

Local trains are the best and prime means of transportation all across Mumbai city. With speedier and powerful engines availability, along with increase in the number of electrified sections, it was nearly possible to run and operate the same one in comparatively lesser time span.

For the persons residing in the eastern part of the country, arrangements have been made to give information in Bangla, Oriya and Assamese.

Have you ever checked live running status of a train moving on Google maps? One can gain information on availability of tickets, birth availability and lots more simply by making use of these apps.

Legend code UnTraveled Route Looking online for some information related to legend code untraveled route? Along with being aware of all the trains movement including arrival time, departure time, total distance that needs to be covered, time taken by the train in covering the overall distance, and more, checking out the live running status of trains and seeing it on Google maps actually enhances the user experience and make it engaging and fun.

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Passengers can grab knowledge about traveled route, source station, final station name, untraveled route, and more using the utility and if you also want to enjoy a hassle free and convenient travel, go for the same.

Adding to this, every year Indian Railways introduce print outs of time table booklet meant especially for travellers not having internet connection to check it online or who doesn't want to access the same online.

When you check out the Indian railways time table, you can know about the train route and number of stoppages it is going to take and how much time it is going to travel and take to reach at that particular station. And in case it is different than people can accordingly reach at the station on time and make wise decisions.

Legend code train source station is the one from where the train originates and starts its journey and people can check out very clearly about the source station, final destination station, intermediate halts, travelled route in between and so. The passenger receives a reservation message just after booking their ticket with the full details of the ticket including PNR Passenger Name RecordTrain number, date of journey and class.

Well this post will help you in finding the same. The legend code untraveled route is been depicted in blue coloured line and in case there comes anything in between the train route that is not been covered could be easily seen and depicted by seeing that blue colour line.

Do you have a query in mind that how is the Indian Railway different from Indian mean time? The benefit of the SMS service is that passengers can access information even on the move, the official said for instance, if a passenger wants information about his train running behind schedule and the expected arrival at the destination, he can type the station code or station name along with his train number and SMS to Looking for a way how to do the same?

Those who are getting waiting tickets for their origin destination can change their destination to station which comes two to three stops post their alight station. In all, it is always preferable and advisable to passengers access the time table to be updated about trains, everything related to them and plan your trips.

TNN Nov 6, So, enjoy your travel without any hassle and make full use of information and stay informed. Here, you will definitely get the answer for the same.

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It means internet booking is permitted twenty-three hours daily. Just check out the same right away and make all your confusions into clarity. While looking at the online time table of Railways, you can even seek for the legend code for the trains and accordingly plan your rail excursions and save your precious time and energy.

This change in boarding point could only and only possible once, and could be changed only and only prior to 24 hours of the departure time of the train from that station. When you will do the same, you will come to know about legend code queried station, current station, untraveled route, traveled route, source station, final station, upcoming station and so with ease and within clicks.

So access the web, make use of technology and enjoy a hassle free travel!


Just SMS to as: People can know about all the trains running over the similar route as well as respective arrival and departure timings of them at halts and all along the journey. If you are not aware of how to cancel your waiting list e-ticket then this article will definitely offer help.

Apart from these two legend codes, there are many others as well depicting some meaning and it is recommended to look out for them and be informed by checking out the time table and know about them. As it started its services in India introduced by the British, initially it was supposed to follow local times depending on the individual railway firms owning any of the regional railway lines.

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What is the difference between express and mail train? Aside from IRCTC site, people can check out the time table of Indian Railways at other platforms as well like at Travel Khana, which is primarily engaged in offering hot, fresh and hygienic food meals to travellers on the wheels at cost efficient prices and within time.

In each one of them, divisions are defined for them and to get more knowledge, passengers can even seek for time table online and grab details from there.

Adding to this, it leaves from Amritsar station every day at Aside from this, checking out online time table of a train is always helpful and beneficial to make your travel accurate and hassle free.

Well, as per the sources and information, Operating department and Commercial department work in mutual understanding and discuss everything related to the trains and finally come up with the updated or revised time table and other information.

Indian Railways has been widely acclaimed for its extensive reach.

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Get confirmed seats at its earliest and ensure to have a hassle free and trouble free journey. On the other hand, express trains are supposed to run or operate for longer distances and usually return on next day. So, stay tuned with the technology and make sure to know about each detail related to the train with ease and without any problem within minutes.

Different codes address for different meaning like the train at a particular station, queried station, actual time of arrival, expected time of arrival, update awaited, expected platform, expected time of departure, expected time and more, and it is always recommended to seek online Indian Railways time table and check out the code for traveled station and others, train information, train schedule, train movement and more.

Checking out time table online could assist people even in comparing ticket fares and also get an access to if there is any discounts available to them.

Once the plans are been made, make sure to have a look at the seats available in trains so that in case they are not available, you have the flexibility to have a look in some other train and ensure a happy journey.

By dialingthe passenger can get information regarding PNR status, arrival and departure of trains, availability of seats and berths in various classes of different trains, fares of various classes and ticket booking facilities using cash card. This number is applicable for finding running status of the train as well.

What is the difference between intercity and express train? If you want to check out and enquire about any of the train, do the same by making use of these services and stay updated.