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However, a new boy named Diego arrives from Spain and interferes in her life, causing a strain between Violetta and Leon. After the show, YouMix offers Violetta the chance to became an exclusive star for them, which she accepts after thinking of her father's financial situation and the fact that she won't have to see Leon at the Studio as much.

After performing in the show, Violetta discovers that she has lost her voice.

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Herman and Esmerelda's wedding approaches. Leon kisses Violetta after the performance and Violetta looks at the camera and winks.

Together, they plan to expose Diego by recording his conversation with Ludmila. As Violetta gets closer to Diego, Leon spends more time at motorcross with Lara.

Violetta also eventually finds out puffing chest out flirting games Herman was pretending to be Jeremiah and refuses to accept his excuses.

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Violetta reflects on the changes in her life and decides to get closer to Leon. Leon catches Diego plotting something with Ludmila.

The winners return home to Buenos Aires, and everyone at the Studio finds out what Diego did to Violetta, causing him to be ostracised. Violetta starts having doubts about Diego and becomes closer to Leon, who comforts her during Angie's departure and after finding out Jeremiah was her father.

Leon and Violetta drift further apart. Meanwhile, Herman is also getting closer with Esmerelda. Francesca begins to get suspicious of Diego and she confides in Leon. The winners for the dance competition are Violetta and Leon, and Diego and Francesca, who then go to Madrid.

Angie discovers that Jeremiah is actually Herman and is disappointed and angry at him for deceiving her.

Violetta – Season 2

At the same time, Violetta isn't sure she really loves Diego. Contents Summary Part 1 Three months after the end of Season 1the students are back for a new year at the Studio.

Betrayed by Jade, Esmerelda sees no other choice but to flee. However, they are saved at the last minute by Esmereldaan actress hired by Jade and Matias to steal Herman's money.

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Jade crashes the wedding and reveals to everyone that Esmerelda is a con-artist and has deceived everyone, especially Herman, without mentioning that she was the one who hired her in the first place. Diego finally finds out that Gregorio is his father and although at first he doesn't believe it, he comes to accept it.

Violetta, although saddened by this news, supports Angie in this decision and organises a farewell party for her. Herman grows closer to Esmeralda, oblivious to the fact that she is not who she says she is, causing Angie to get jealous.

YouMix and the Studio partner up to organise a dance competition, in which the winners will get to go to Spain.

Like the previous seasonthis season contains 80 episodes, divided into 2 parts, each containing 40 episodes. When he tries to warn Violetta about it, she doesn't listen and gets mad at him.

Leon helps her sing during the show by singing 'We Can' with her, for which she is grateful. Ludmila and Diego are childhood friends and have a deal that he will try to get Violetta kicked out of the studio in exchange for information about his father.

In order to keep an eye on Violetta, Herman disguises himself as Jeremiah and becomes a pianist at the Studio, working for Gregorio.

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Part 2 Violetta gradually gains her voice back after seeing a doctor. Sick of all the lies he told her, Angie decides to make a decision only for herself and wants to move to France. During the duet, Violetta trips and Diego takes this chance to kiss her, angering Leon.

Although Violetta tries to convince Leon that she didn't kiss Diego, he doesn't believe her and ultimately breaks up with Violetta. Diego apologises to Violetta and asks if she could give him another chance, but she says she can't.

Violetta, Francesca, Camila and Naty perform in the band contest hosted by YouMix and are declared the winners. Ludmila pressures Diego to tell Violetta the truth, but he realises that he loves her and doesn't want to risk losing her.

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Herman loses all his money due to Jade and Matias ' scheming, causing them to almost lose their house. Herman is devastated by the fact that his entire relationship was a lie.

Leon wants to get closer to Violetta but Diego keeps getting in the way. Carlos is moved by this gesture and eventually lets her stay with her aunt and uncle. With Violetta's help, the friends put together a slideshow for Francesca's father, Carlos, and sing 'Right Now' for her. Everybody is saddened with the news of Francesca moving away and they decide to do something about it.

Francesca reveals that her family is planning to move to Italy in a couple of weeks, shocking MarcoCamila and Violetta. In the final show, Violetta repairs her relationship with her father as she sings ' This Is My Best Moment ', a song that they both wrote together, unknowingly.

The season ends with Violetta and the rest of her friends singing ' This Can't End '.

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Before the mid-year show, Violetta is rehearsing on stage and Diego applauds her and then kisses her. Tensions continue to rise between Violetta and Leon due to Diego, especially when Violetta is chosen to perform a duet with Diego at the YouMix show.

Violetta asks Diego not to hurt her. Once Violetta finds out that Lara and Leon are over for good, they reunite and decide to rebuild their trust.