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During the occupation British troops used a number of civilian structures for defense and demanded to be quartered in the homes of civilians.

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General Washington based his espionage activities on Long Island, due to the western part of the island's proximity to the British military headquarters in New York City. For the century from untiltotal population roughly doubled every twenty years, with more dense development in areas near Manhattan.

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The descendants of late 19th and early 20th-century immigrants from southern and eastern Europeand black migrants from the South, have been followed by more recent immigrants from Asia and Latin America. These moraines consist of gravel and loose rock left behind during the two most recent pulses of Wisconsin glaciation during the Ice Ages some 21, years ago 19, BC.

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Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsbywhich has also been adapted in films. From the s to the s, Long Island began the transformation from backwoods and farms as developers created numerous suburbs.

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Whether you're planning a vacation to Long Island, bringing relatives in for a family event, or attending a business conference, Long Island's hotels range from the luxurious mega-chain to the remote and homely bed and breakfast and can accommodate any number of individual needs.

Maine that Long Island, while geographically an island, was not an island for legal purposes, given that New York State's boundaries contained its offshore soil and seabeds.

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The land to the south of this moraine to the South Shore is the outwash plain of the last glacier. The island remained a British stronghold until the end of the war in Untilthe jurisdiction of Long Island was split, roughly at the present border between Nassau County and Suffolk County.

Hotels List of hotels on Long Island, New York By now, you've probably seen just how much there is to do on Long Island, but what do you do if you don't live on Long Island, or you need to accommodate out-of-area guests that you don't have space for? The eastern portion of the island was inhabited by speakers of the Mohegan-Montauk-Narragansett language group of Algonquian languages; they were part of the Pequot and Narragansett peoples inhabiting the area that now includes Connecticut and Rhode Island.

This ring alerted Washington to valuable British secrets, including the treason of Benedict Arnold and a plan to use counterfeiting to induce economic sabotage. Read More List of hotels on Long Island, New York By now, you've probably seen just how much there is to do on Long Island, but what do you do if you don't live on Long Island, or you need to accommodate out-of-area guests that you don't have space for?

Settlers throughout Suffolk County pressed to stay part of Connecticut, but Governor Sir Edmund Andros threatened to eliminate the settlers' rights to land if they did not yield, which they did by The northern moraine, which directly abuts the North Shore of Long Island at points, is known as the Harbor Hill moraine.

Other Long Island Cities:

Also in existence is a reconstruction of Brooklyn's Old Stone Houseon the site of the Maryland 's celebrated last stand during the Battle of Long Island. Lion Gardiner settled nearby Gardiners Island.

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Although the aircraft companies eventually ended their Long Island operations and the early airports were all later closed — Roosevelt Field, for instance, became the site of a major shopping mall — the Cradle of Aviation Museum on the site of the former Mitchel Field documents the Island's key role in the history of aviation.

The Old House in Cutchoguebuiltis the oldest English-style house in the state. Dutch and English settlers from the time before the American Revolutionary Waras well as communities of Native Americans, populated the island. Long Island has many ethnic IrishJewsand Italiansas well as an increasing numbers of Asians and Hispanicsreflecting later migrations.

On eastern Long Island, such villages as Port JeffersonPatchogueand Riverhead have been changed from inactive shipbuilding and mill towns into tourist-centric commercial centers with cultural attractions.

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The more southerly moraine, known as the Ronkonkoma moraine, forms the "backbone" of Long Island; it runs primarily through the very center of Long Island, roughly coinciding with the length of the Long Island Expressway.

A number of structures from this era remain. At the close of the 19th century, wealthy industrialists who made vast fortunes during the Gilded Age began to construct large "baronial" country estates in Nassau County communities along the North Shore of Long Island, favoring the many properties with water views.

Inthe English navigator Henry Hudson explored the harbor and purportedly landed at Coney Island. These provided opportunities for World War II military veterans returning home to buy houses and start a family. In its easternmost sections, Suffolk County remains semi-rural, as in Greenport on the North Fork and some of the periphery of the area prominently known as The Hamptonsalthough summer tourism swells the population in those areas.

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Other famous aviators such as Wiley Post originated notable flights from Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, which became the first major airport serving New York City before it was superseded by the opening of La Guardia Airport in Gradually, development also followed these parkways, with various communities springing up along the more traveled routes.

Brooklyn reversed decades of population decline and factory closings to resurface as a globally renowned cultural and intellectual hotbed. The very first settlements on Long Island were by settlers from England and its colonies in present-day New England.

While the eastern region of Long Island was first settled by the English, the western portion of Long Island was settled by the Dutch. The Pine Barrens is a preserved pine forest encompassing much of eastern Suffolk County.