Adrienne Maloof Dating Rod Stewart's Son? 'Real Housewives' Star 19 Years Older Adrienne Maloof Dating Rod Stewart's Son? 'Real Housewives' Star 19 Years Older

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Dressed in lingerie and looking fabulous she surprised David with dinner.

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Almost as gorgeous as the Beaudry diamonds Lisa is trying on. Two almonds, chewed slooooowly. Brandi is moving — again — this time to a suburban sprawl in the Valley of Death. Combining Chippendales and moving — only Brandi. She once did a Depends commercial — she has no shame, because many-a-times those gigs have saved her bacon.

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When speaking to ET, Busch recalled their adorable meet-cute at the event and why they are right for each other. Yolanda meets Kim to go riding. Kim says she once thought of buying a horse, but changed her mind when she realized the amount of work involved.

The next day she can barely button her sparkling white riding pants.

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And after that, it was all history. Together they have three sons, Christian, Colin and Gavin.

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And that's definitely the case for Adrienne Maloof and her former — now current —flame, Jacob Busch. Adrienne says Brandi is an untrustworthy loose canon who refuses to take accountability because there she is blaming Lisa.

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As it should be! Check out some throwback family photos, below. They talk about Bella going off to college and how Yolanda must spend every moment with her.


Given how Kingsley behaves, I would say that was a wise decision. You know, no big!

'Real Housewives' Adrienne Maloof confirms Sean Stewart romance

JR turns up doing nothing. JR, except this one is Brandi quips that some people would rather be polishing their diamonds — they know who they are! She explains that a lady should make sure to put out before birthdays and anniversaries to ensure a man will buy the good jewels!

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Listen honey — stick to checkers. The Maloof family made their money in Coors, beer; and my last name we created Anheuser-Busch back in I so wished she would have leapt out of her fridge, corny Bachelor party-stye. Reunited and it feels so good. Hey — at least Lisa is honest and not arrogant.

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Just the way we like her. Still, we want to see fabulous money being spent fabulously and Lisa, whose life is the living reincarnation of my Lisa Frank trapper keeper, is all fabulosity: Just get her on my arm real quick. And I feel like it's the people above us that kind of connected us together We met here four-and-a-half years ago by coincidence.

I said 'I don't know who she is, but she's beautiful. Back in the vault, Lisa and Shiva determine that Lisa will have to earn her diamonds by seducing the jeweler who Lisa jokes will then owe HER money!

Yes, a minuscule issue like betraying a close friend. And plays it cool.

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Adrienne noted that she feels "blessed" to have Busch in her life and hasn't ruled out the possibility of marriage again in the future. I asked someone for her to approach me. A post shared by Adrienne Maloof adriennemaloof on Sep 10, at The Queen of Planet Trash, to be precise.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kyle's White Party Kyle hopes that her party is big enough so that people who don't want to be near each other don't have to.

And because when moving you want a reliable friend you can count on to help, someone like… Rambles!


Moving on, see what I did there! Lisa loves Nick because he is a go-getter and hustler, just like she is. They go over a pile of scripts, and Lisa agrees to test for all of them. Lisa Rinna meets with her year-old agent, Nick.