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After that, set your device to connect the same Wi-Fi network as the computer does. By using this tool, you can get wireless connection between iOS devices and computer.

12 AirServer Alternatives

AirParrot vs Beamer Type: When to finish recording, click the stop button at the same location and video will be published in the designated folder.

It can give full supports for streaming videos, pictures and many other media files from your iPhone with AirPlay function to a computer. So a Beamer alternative is necessary if you have problem with Beamer.

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With the improvement in technology now witnessed in our days, it is very possible and easy as such to store or if you like, back up all your files in the cloud; yes, outer space using your Google accounts and you may not need to carry your physical computer around when you want to access its content.

PopCast vs Beamer Type: Activate the program on your desktop. It supports without stress every Mobile device operating on Android and which is also authorized by either Google Cast or Miracast.

The next line of action is to download the crack from this page and turn off your internet connection once that is done.

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And launch it on desktop and you can see the interface popping out. Stream from your iPhone or iPad to Mac with AirServer Your iPad an iPhone are great for watching videos and listening to music, but your Mac has a much larger monitor — it may even be connected to your TV — and it almost certainly has a better set of speakers.

The fact that you do not need to synchronize files between devices is a big draw and it ideal for group situations in which it is too difficult to fit several people around a small iPad screen and it makes more sense to make use of a large television or monitor.

The application makes live streaming of your game to the YouTube possible very easily. Several Workable Airserver Alternative Programs Last updated on November 7, by Ada Reed When it comes to the tool for sayings about cheating women dating displaying, many users will come up with Airserver at first.

Actually Beamer has some limitations.

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Press the download button below and install the program on your computer. Beamer plays all common video formats, codecs and resolutions and supports various popular subtitle formats including text-based, bitbased, embedded in movies or as external files.

As well as audio and video, the app can also be used to stream photos and can be used to stream content from third party iOS apps as well as the built in tools that support AirPlay.

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Bottom Line Hence, when Airserver cannot satisfy the needs of mirroring smoothly, it is highly recommended to seek the help of the two Airserver alternatives. All that needs to be done is for Airplay to be enabled and with the help of the Airserver, you can get to access all your files from any computer once you input your password.

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Download Please make sure your iPhone and PC are in the same WiFi network before you connect your iPhone with this screen mirroring tool. It is quite easy to turn on the Airplay on your iDevice; just make a gesture over its icon and choose the location you intend to copy.

Supercharging an Xbox One remotely to a multimedia point is made easy too, thanks to this app. This will help your iDevices discover and connect the computer receiver much easier and steadily.

It features with complete compatibility for Windows PC and Mac.

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Airserver Activation Code utilizes the most recent technology to carry out its function. With AirServer you can take advantage of the better audio and visuals of your Mac by using the app to transform it into a Apple TV type of device that can be used to stream audio and video.

And you do not need to install other assistant programs. You can utilize this program to turn your PC or Mac into an Apple TV and you can also use it to make presentation and app demo as well as connecting with people in your classroom and meeting room. Especially if you want to view your device on a PC so you can access your files from there; that makes it pretty simple.

System Requirements You need a computer that has a functioning Webcam plus a secured internet service for optimum usage. It a fantastic application available on MacOS that interplays between your documents in the cloud and your real desktop computer. uses cookies.

You can send content like video music to a number of media receivers like Apple TV and Chromecast simultaneously. It is worth noting that that there is also an iOS version of the app that works in very much the same way and enables you to turn your iPhone or iPad into an Apple TV style.

A processor of 1 GHz is good for this app. Besides, you can project the image along with the sound to the computer without any loss while using an app or playing a game. We absolutely love LonelyScreen as it has multiple functionalities.

Besides, this Beamer alternative is limitless in video music resource for AirPlay if you pay for the premium version. Apps like AirServer but with more possibilities is what you are looking for. YouTube in such a way that is very easy.

This app supports screen recording for future usage and mirroring. All these applications make it possible to mirror content to PC and Mac.

Mirroring takes place in real time and the layout adjusts to connected devices.

Airserver Mac Free

It works both ways - as an AirPlay sender and as an AirPlay receiver. For live streaming to YouTube, the Mac needs to at least be X With this program, you can share your iPhone content on a large screen with your family, friends and colleagues.

The device can be home to the music and video files you are transmitting to your Mac, and you can also use it to control playback while you relax on the sofa.

Least among the benefit it offers is its capacity to allow you to live stream a game you are playing on your iDevice to another devices and it also constantly notifies you of updates so you can get your machine running optimally.

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However, you will find AirServer does not always work, in such a case you can turn to these alternatives to AirServer for help. In essence your iOS device can be transformed into a combination of a media center and a remote control.

To know how to handle the program, just follow the steps below. Want to share your screen, videos, audios, presentations and more with everyone in the room? To get the most appropriate Beamer alternative to yourself, you should learn about how does Beamer AirPlay work before you have the selection.

In these cases, you may need to check the network status first and keep your portable device connected to computer by the same Wi-Fi network. Interestingly enough, you can do more than sharing or retrieving of your files on it; it equally allows you to process as well as record videos.

Find an item showing your PC name and tap it. So, if your Android phone is authorized by either Google Cast or Miracast, you can pretty much use it with this app. You can stream some popcorn or video movies to Chromecast or Apple TV to spend your weekends or use it in the boardroom at work to show some presentations.

Follow the steps below to learn how to use this tool. If you need to AirPlay videos movies on various other platforms, here are 5 Beamer alternatives that you can choose to realize video audio streaming on Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.

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