11 Antedating Antonyms. Full list of opposite words of antedating. 11 Antedating Antonyms. Full list of opposite words of antedating.

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In some cases antedates may also be used illegally to provide advantageous benefits to certain parties involved. In other cases antedating may be illegal and should be done with caution. Giga-fren She accepted same.


Giga-fren Antedating the claim for benefits may adversely affect the integrity of the system, in that it gives a claimant a retroactive and unconditional award of benefits, without any possibility of verifying the eligibility criteria during the period of retroactivity: Giga-fren Our conclusion flows from section 9 of the Unemployment Insurance Act the "Act" which deals with the question of antedating.

Antedated Examples Antedating documentation and legal contracts is another realm of financial transactions in which antedates may be used. Found 34 sentences matching phrase "antedating of a claim for benefit".

An antonym for travesty would be serious or sincere. What is an antonym for verdict?

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Giga-fren If we accept the interpretation suggested by the English wording of sectionwe reach the absurd result t620 flirting a claim for benefit could never be antedated.

Therefore the antonym would be competition, which is an interaction where both species are harmed. Giga-fren Upon receipt of the claimant's Dating services in los angeles of Appeal Exhibit 10the Commission reexamined the claimant's application for antedate and sent the claimant a new Notice of Refusal dated April 20, which states: A travesty is when something is not handled well or approached withdisrespect.

Something that promotes or enhances well-being; an advantage. Giga-fren The Chief Umpire thought it "unreasonable to expect a person to present a claim for unemployment benefits while employed" and that the Board of Referees was justified in antedating the claim.

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Certain types of agreements benefiting several associated parties may require antedated signatures as part of a transactional process. Mutualism is the interaction between two species that is beneficial to both. I think that the antonym really is reclaim, or restore, or returned, or found.

In both options and futuresthe day prior to expiration may also be known as an important antedate since many holders choose to sell contracts.

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The statutory provisions relevant to antedating a claim are the following: What is the antonym of stolen? An antonym for rebel is like angel, good person, or something along the lines of rule follower. Check translations in other languages: They come from many sources and are not checked.

Giga-fren The Act provides for the antedating of a benefit period to a date that is earlier than the actual date the claim was filed. Situations where illegal antedating may be used can include antedating company stock options to provide an advantageous price or antedating documents past a specified due date that provides an associated party with advantageous benefits.

Two antonyms of some usages of to are from and after. The commission appeals a decision of the commission which allowed an application by the claimant to antedate her claim for benefits. To is a word with many uses both as a preposition and an adverb. There are instances where antedating may be a part of the procedural requirements leading up to final execution.

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What is the antonym for brace? In stock investing the day of trading prior to the ex-dividend date may be considered an antedate. Some suggested antonyms are:. So up is the antonym of down, for instance. The Holocaust can referto the specific events regarding the Hitler's Final Solution, butcan also regard other genocides and the mass erasure of millionsthrough thermonuclear warfare.

The relevant legislative provisions read as follows: Giga-fren The matter is referred to the Commission for an antedate and a review of this claim for benefits on the merits as I make no findings with respect to the actual merit of this application on the issue of the Claimant's rights to benefits.

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Synonymsfor brace include strengthen, support, bolster, prop, reinforce,refresh and invigorate. Carry's appeal from its ruling denying an antedate of her claim for unemployment benefits from March 22, to September 1, because she did not have good cause for delaying her application.

Found in 2 ms. In the futures market the holder of a futures contract is obligated to exercise the transaction. Financial assistance in time of need Benefit: When to is used as a function word relating to movement "walked to her school" or contact "applied soap to his face"from is an antonym "walked from her school" and "rinsed soap from his face".

Giga-fren This section 28 application on behalf of the Unemployment Insurance Commission seeks to set aside a decision of an umpire which, in turn, set aside the decision of a board of referees upholding the Commission's refusal to antedate the Respondent's claim for benefit.

In the financial markets there are several dates associated with an investment that may be considered a type of antedate.

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Other antedates may occur in the options or futures market. Giga-fren However, section 9, subsection 4. Giga-fren The issue whether the respondent has made out a case for antedating his initial claim for benefit is of some difficulty.