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We provide you with the confidence that no contract opportunities are ever missed. Civil Tenders quick links. Government is constantly sourcing bids for large-scale projects such as the construction and upgrading of roads, sidewalks and storm-water infrastructure for example.

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Detailed civil design, quality testing and the supply of electromagnetic flow meters are all highly frequented advertisements on our site. Dream contracts such as the designing, construction or maintenance of bridges can be found at Online Tenders. Join the winning team at Online Tenders today and discover why we are the leading source of the latest tenders, business leads and procurement information in this specific field of work.

As a reputable, service driven company, we offer numerous advantages, benefits and features. Specific harbour and highway contracts can now be easily acquired.

Civil Tenders

The amount of opportunities is virtually endless with Online Tenders. The civil industry plays a significant role in rural as well as urban planning and development.

Other major tender notices that arise include the management of residential and commercial buildings, upgrading of transportation systems and handling of water supply projects. Our research team is based throughout Africa thus ensuring a broader spectrum of information for all our subscribers in the civil sector.

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The civil industry has the potential to build a strong economy and with technological advancement, major multinational companies have become much more involved. Installation of concrete toilets in rural settlements and reconstruction of walkways are other common tenders that are always in demand on our website.

Scope for work in the civil industry is vast. Government institutions in particular, are constantly inviting suitable contractors to bid on a wide range of important national projects. Sourcing appropriate, registered and qualified professionals to do such work is vital.

State Tenders

Requests for quotations are advertised daily for structural engineers, required for undertaking comprehensive buildings projects. Both public and private sectors allocate significant budgets each year for this specific field of work.

As a valued member you will be able to bid on tenders that deal with the supply of tools and equipment for various departments at a multitude of local and national municipalities.

Within our advanced database you will find requests for the supply and delivery of galvanised pipes, renovation of government offices or even the provisioning of major repairs.