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And a TV advert.

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And then someone threw an Iron Man mask onto the stage… this was at the Leeds Festival. Are they any good? Get the juice in there — gotta keep that immune system strong.

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Whenever anyone asks me about an artist or something, I sort of forget what music is. Oh, actually there was a guy last week with a Boba Fett mask on, and I really wanted it. Have you found yourselves slipping into LA culture?

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Yeah, 30 years on! Is there too much fuss around marketing nowadays? Not even a copy of the book?

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I know a good step when I see one. His mind is obviously elsewhere Simon Pegg came multitouch tester online dating the other day.

The scene is all too familiar in the U. Did they give you an actual award?

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I bet he plays Not at all, no. The Strypes are amazing. I can respect that. You get a few interesting ones on the guestlist.

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You get a little bear, did you know that? Aside from your ping-pong playing pal Leighton Baines, do many celebrity fans pop by? No, I can handle that. I suppose you do notice it a lot more, because you stand out.

Susanna Reid flirts with Arctic Monkey Alex Turner on BBC Breakfast and sparks Twitter frenzy

Such as Turner who, a few days later will be felled by a bout of laryngitis, prompting two postponed shows returning to the ping-pong paddle, or whose turn it is on the Xbox.

A bit of both.

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How does a Friday night in LA compare to Sheffield? Pressed juice is now the thing, apparently. We did a relay race — handed the baton.

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Just for that final push. That begs the question: Their stage time is still some three hours away. What do you make of them?

The smell of marijuana fills the air, and some of the throng are wrapped in blankets, others sip lager, while many an opportunistic patron stalks the line in search of spares.

It was a couple of tambourines and shakers on the record and his spirit is really in there, you know? Our plan for this record was to make it not sound like just four guys playing in a room, which is a limitation that we placed on ourselves in past studios.

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Retro badass it is. Did you have a hand with picking the cover art? Nah, just a T-shirt.

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I think I will [laughs]. After parting with the tour bus they shared with the Black Keys last year, the band found itself setting up amps and a few bottles of tequila on the West Coast, alternating their spaces between Joshua Tree and L.

Another Brit Award would be good [laughs]. And Josh is a friend of our band, so he kind of just came down; it was pretty loose.