Who is Rachel McAdams dating? Rachel McAdams boyfriend, husband Who is Rachel McAdams dating? Rachel McAdams boyfriend, husband

Are taylor kitsch and rachel mcadams dating, rachel mcadams

I would love to see him married and a Daddy.

I also think that it is amazing how he looks so different in his various roles, simply he does not look the same person, not only because his visual changes according the role he plays, but also because it seems that he enters with true heart and soul in what he does.

You can see a photo of her on the Taylor Kitsch Fan Forum. He hardly stars in many films bobbyklien Nov 21, Great looking guy!

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He's looking very, very happy. I wouldn't be a woman if I said I wasn't disappointed, but I'd prefer to enjoy his talent anyways. How cute would their babies be? MelanieJan 16, He has some serious down-time coming up this year before promoting his two new films gets under way in the fall.

The reported romance between Rachel and the year-old actor 'hasn't been long' but 'it is serious' according to an insider This is not the first time Rachel has been linked to a co-star recently as she and Southpaw co-star Jake Gyllenhaal have had the rumour mill spinning for the past few months.

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DennyJan 7, Wow!!! They star together on crime drama True Detective. The two co-stars of the HBO series have reportedly found romance off-screen with each other despite previously already having a friendship before shooting together.

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Taylor, 34, recently ended a relationship with another actress by the name of Jennifer Welch She's a knockout: The blonde beauty's most famous relationship was with her co-star from The Notebook, Ryan Gosling, as they dated off and on for over two years.

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Are Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch an item?

Those are great qualities in any person. Taylor dated actress Jennifer Welch - pictured together at a charity gala in New York back in November - as they reportedly recently broke up Celebrating: The girl is gorgeous.

He is such an underrated actor. Great actor too smashave May 2, He is a great actor I can't believe he dated two hot beautiful women that's cool: Why does he keep saying he's single, when he's not?

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As far as I know, this movie is an independent one, and usually, those are the best, with very interesting characters and stories, so I think those are the ideal roles for him to play. Although I only saw one movie as I said before, that is what seemed to me, when I see some scenes of the others movies, such "Savages", and especially "The Bang Bang Club".

Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams are reportedly dating according to a recent report from UsWeekly 'It hasn't been long,' a source told UsWeekly of the blossoming romance. A source close to the year-old actress said the pair have been 'friends for years' and 'they grew closer on set' Hunk: Sadly, for now, and in what concerns to movies where he entered, I just saw "The Covenant", but I hope soon see the others.

Whomever she is, she's a lucky girl.

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Not like I'm gonna see this guy walkin down the street someday, but he's great at his job and works hard. Hoping there is a wedding soon, with little baby Kitsch on the way!

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Rachel has recently been romantically linked to another co-star, Jake Gyllenhaal, as they star in upcoming flick Southpaw together, pictured at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards last monht Former flame: I would love too meet u!!

SuzyJan 7, He is dating a beautiful Austin blonde girl.

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Would they get married in Austin or Canada? He only must be discovered by tehe right people. No wonder he didn't like doing the love scenes with Blake, you can see the guy's in love.