Bea Miller Singing Stay With Me Bea Miller Singing Stay With Me

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Ariana Grande is a legend.

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Yet it all seems to roll off the singer's shoulder as gracefully as her signature ponytail. If you're going to come at Grande with love life questions, you'd best come correct. Ariana Grande sees you. Earlier this week the singer sat down this week with Ellen Degeneres, where the two discussed her music, some controversial Nicki Minaj lyrics i.

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It seems Seacrest was trying to go after the same sort of sound bite, but Grande simply wasn't going to have it that early and put that bluntly. All right, world, let's go! When the host tried getting her to confirm she was dating rapper Mac Miller, the year-old repeatedly refused When the radio host kept trying to tweeze a confirmation from her, she said: And you're happy and stuff?

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The conversation continued to circle itself until he asked, flat out: But she refused to spill the tea, and checked Seacrest for thinking he was somehow entitled to details about her relationship.

It was a June interview with the Sun that she had to lay down the law.

Jacob Whitesides Wants to Date Bea Miller, Wants You to Stop Being ‘Annoying’ About It

She wrapped her legs about Miller's back and her arms about his neck, laughing. The year-old's claim was based on an Instagram post showing the rapper astride the Dangerous Woman singer on the floor As he continued to prod her, she repeated: You said a sentence, there was no question," Grande said, reminding Seacrest how to properly lead an interview.

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A black and white photo showed the rapper astride her on the floor. It's too early for this kind of tea. On her Wednesday morning visit to On Air with Ryan Seacrest, it seems Grande'd just about had enough with the continuously lame interrogation and was forced to help Seacrest find several seats.

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Her caption had been simply: When Seacrest claimed she'd confirmed her rumoured relationship with Mac Miller via Instagram, she instantly became defensive. She did, however, confirm the relationship on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show that aired the same day.

She just embarrassed Ryan Seacrest for being nosy https: It's a discouraging reality that countless female celebrities face in the entertainment press — but not one Grande was willing to stand for that morning.

When the hostess asked: The year-old insisted that whatever the post implied, it 'doesn't mean then you, Ryan Seacrest, with millions of listeners, are entitled to more information.

What was that segue? The artist used to field comments from trolls on Tumblr, responding with the perfect clapbacks at times she deemed fitting, though that's appeared to slow down.