An Insider’s Guide to Blantyre, Malawi | Muli Bwanji Y'all! An Insider’s Guide to Blantyre, Malawi | Muli Bwanji Y'all!

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They also copy keys.

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Limbe is bible society blantyre malawi dating than Blantyre and again, you have to be patient, but it can be really fun and really cheap. We had one that was 18 years old and loved it. The chairs are Gorgeous — beautifully and intricately carved.

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La Caverna Situated in the first floor of Mandala House, the gallery has a beautiful selection of artwork, carvings, books, textiles, and jewelry.

The Mountain Club of Malawi A great way to meet people, the club hosts events, socials, and organizes regular trips up Mt.

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Mandala, more in the center of town, is also quite posh, although I hear they have more power cuts than in Sunnyside. They often have really hard to find things like Thai curries, chocolate instant coffee mixes, and cranberry sauce. Fresh Produce The Blantyre market is a great place for fresh produce.

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Curios and Decorative Items The Curio market in town is well-stocked, but a nightmare. On the flip side, June and July can be really cold — probably not cold to people coming from the UK, but cold to me. Blantyre has several neighborhoods and when people ask where you stay, they are generally asking which neighborhood you live in.

Tiyo Soga — was ordained the first African Presbyterian minister in and also translated.

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She sends out ads for homes for rent, cars for sale, deals on vacations, and a weekly summary of events. Their baked goods are amazing and they often have the best mozzarella cheese.

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Vocabulary Here are some words that I was unfamiliar with that are sjts online dating firmly imbedded in my lexicon: Since that time, there have been several translations into different dialects of Swahili as spoken in different regions of East Africa ; these include the Union Translation published by the Bible Society of Tanzania in and the Swahili Common Language version.

Zulu South Africa [ edit ] Inthe first portions of the Bible in the Zulu language were published; in the "First Book for Readers," portions of Genesis and two Psalms were published.

At the bottom of the big hill going towards Liwonde there is a row of shed son the right, mostly selling Chief Chairs. I had packed all light clothes, because hey, I was going to Africa.

The prices are incredible.

Bible Society of Malawi

Tiyeni is a website with classified ads that should be really helpful once they get all the quirks worked out. Now a cafe, gallery, and archival library, the two story house has beautiful wrap-around porches, large windows, and is surrounded by massive trees. Lambats Located on Haile Salassie, this store has almost everything you need in terms of textiles.

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Blantyre is surrounded by three mountains, Ndirande, Mchiru, and Soche. Wine Shopping for wine at Shoprite or Game can give you a heart attack — the prices are shocking.

End Bible Poverty – YWAM Blantyre

I really regret not having more clothes made. Every year, there is a three-peaks challenge, where fabulously fit people get up really early and climb each peak in one day. In addition to being beautiful, they are also helpful focal points when learning your way around town. Translation John Yohana 3: My tactic is usually to try and pick the same guy to help with groceries and the car.

Robert Moffat - Congregationalist, translated into Setswana language. Soon after, the Missionaries started building the Church of St. October and November, however, can be torture.

Bible Society at Blantyre

Sotho South Africa [ edit ] Samuel Rolland —first missionary of the Paris Missionary Society, translated some parts of the New Testament and several hymns into Sotho language in the s.

A great place to find old maps or prints, and it has an amazing collection of antique books pertaining to Africa. All those clothes you donate to GoodWill or Oxfam end up here, and after a good wash, they are almost like new!

Once here, pick up a copy of The Eye, which is full of interesting articles, phone numbers, and important local information. In an old fashioned way, Blantyre is a word-of-mouth town. Pixleywas published in Namiwawa is east of the city center and has some lovely houses, which are generally smaller than Sunnyside.

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While they are not in the best shape, they were built in the quintessential colonial style with thick brick walls and green corrugated tin roofs. This was translated by George Champion missionary and revised by Newton Adams.

Buying a Car Cars in Africa are amazingly resilient. They also sometimes have nice splurges like frozen calamari. Also, I have a Kindle, which has been a lifesaver — books here are hard to find and expensive but with a kindle I can download new books really easily.

Chipiku has a good alcohol section near their grocery store. Today there are Northern Sotho and Southern Sotho versions. Located next to Wilderness Safaris in Ryalls, it has nice imports such as paper and leather goods from Italy but I really go there for the jewelry.

Most of the year, the weather in Blantyre is perfect — not to hot, not too cold. The most popular Expat Model is a Rav Blantyre is one of the oldest cities in East and Southern Africa.

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While the townships surrounding the town are high density, the actual city itself feels quite manageable and intimate. The complete Yoruba Bible was first published in Mulanje and other mountains too! Send her an email and she will add you to her list.

We sold both for about what we bought them for. The Blantyre Sports Club An old school colonial institution, it has a nice golf course but a tendency to be snooty.

Jubilee Bible School

There is a Facebook group: I tell people to bring warm clothes because I was shocked my first June. It can be stressful. Exciting, interesting, a cultural experience, yes, yes, yes, but make sure, if you can, that the driver is not drunk before you get in.

You can buy kikois, zitenje, and fabric for making clothes.