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Bonuses of Buying a New Build Home

Saturday Dec 10 2016


Looking for your next home? Not sure whether a “fixer upper” or “move in ready” is the best option for you? We understand that everyone has their own sentiments towards each option. Our team has outlined some of the perks of buying a new build home from our experience of working with new homes. Keep reading to learn why homebuyers should make a newly constructed home their next real estate purchase.

Peace of Mind With Warranty

You won’t need to worry about hauling your tools out for home repairs with you move in. Builders will provide warranties for newly constructed homes to offer you that additional peace of mind. While all builders are different, warranties can provide anywhere from two, to five, to ten year options. You could be protected against things such as material defects and structural issues, saving you from headaches or frustration that could come from being the second or third owner of a home. It is important to note that all builder warranties are different and those mentioned here are coverage examples that we have seen over the years.

A Blank Slate

Imagine being able to personally select finishing details such as paint colors, counter tops, flooring and possible upgrade options. It varies from builder to builder, but depending on how far along in the construction phase you are, you may be able to select certain finishing details. In addition to creating a unique space, being able to customize your home can create an engaging experience during the building process for buyers.

Just Move in and Enjoy!

Get ready to relax! Your new living space will be up to date, clean and ready for your personal décor. Save time from possible costly kitchen or bathroom renovations and enjoy your new living space!

Think a new build home is right for you? Gellatly Place is a community of contemporary, two and three bedroom homes with breathtaking lake views. We call it paradise. You can call it home. Register now to receive up to date information and to get started on making Gellatly Place yours.