Jennifer Lopez dating backing dancer Casper Smart Jennifer Lopez dating backing dancer Casper Smart

Casper dating jennifer. Is jennifer lopez dating dancer casper smart?

And she is a great mother with her twins, stop talking bad about her, let her live her moment, she is now the 1 and the sexy mamacita.

Casper Smart 'dating fitness model Paige Hathaway' | Daily Mail Online

The Insider reports that in a recent trip to J. Hmmm I wonder who he reminds me of. You act like you know J Lo personally.

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And most of those nasty comments are made by women. Love me boy God, I like Jlo but damn, this is the worst guy she ever dated.

Jennifer Lopez dating dancer Casper Smart?

November - June Dated Secondly: But she has no problem taking her little boytoy everywhere this is why she will never find the right guy. Lo has terrible cougar skills.

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That was absolutely hilarious!!! Sitting Together At Billboard Awards Front Row Jennifer and her former backup dancer have had us asking the same question over and over: In the Bible its says not to Gossip,and you are on a celebrity gossip blog. She is ashamed because the twins are special needs and she blames them for their disability when it is actually her fauly for having children with a long time Heroin addict like Marc.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

A week later, the duo went on a romantic date night in Las Vegas that included dinner and dancing. Age is just a number.

Shes loosing her taste…ugh… tulino you guys are such a haters, she looks amazing, and she has the right to be with whoever she wants to be.

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For the first time in a while, the Latina beauty gave a slight hint that she and Casper might possibly be an item again. She does look alot older than him. Ms Kitty cat lily: Ask anyone here in the Bronx NYc.

I could not stop laughing!!!

Ruth Langsford tried on Jennifer Lopez’s thigh-high boots on This Morning and it was hilarious

I saw a picture the other day where she was with them. Jane Regardless of what age he is…the guy still and will always give me the creeps. You can bet those kids go right back to the nannies when the photo session is over. And seems so juvenile and immature.

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My father is 56 and his girlfriend is 23 — younger than me! Ben is an overated ugly pan cake head. I find this relationship weird too BUT in reply to your comment — just the other day there were pics of her with the twins ——————————————— I think she means photos her with her kids that are not for self promotion Have you seen her with her kids going to the park or to their school.

I mean, she cannot hold down a relationship if she tried. Shut up with that Bible talk.

Casper Smart And JLo

March - August J. So shut up you hypocrite. Also, so what if this guy is younger? Well, judging from how close the pair were as they sat side-by-side during the Billboard Awards, we can only come to one conclusion: But when you see another woman with some young, sexy stud, the only thing you can think of is that she should act her age, she has kids to look after, bla bla bla.

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