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The dating show will be replaced next week with repeat dramas in the Sunday 9 p. On how 3 is different from other dating shows Rachel: FX has inside new buddies Atlanta and Better Tricks.

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Check out photos from 3 On dating in front of the cameras Libby: On whether they would recommend 3 to their friends Libby: I think being taken out of your comfort zone and having somebody there to help you through it is really amazing.

Cameras to me were a nervous, disastrous mess until the very end. CBS reveals cast for dating series 3 On why they wanted to go on a reality dating show April: Not that it didn't happen, but I am a victim of kissing on camera.

Network executive says that new dating show "didn't quite get traction".

Off dating online fun action in a new pop. I work from home and in fashion, so it's not easy to meet people. So why did these three beautiful single women want to date on TV?

I had two kids at home, so dating is time-consuming. Nobody tells us what to say.

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I don't think it was hard having the cameras around because what's meant to be is meant to be. I'd recommend it, but I don't recommend dating multiple guys in the real world.


The women include year-old Rachel Harleya widow with two young children; year-old April Francisa career woman who wants to be a mom,; and year-old Libby Lopeza model who is steadfast in her religious beliefs. Right among possible suitors.

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There were a lot of moments that were discoveries. I think dating multiple guys in the real world is actually a really good strategy. This is the time to find your true love! There are definitely some uncomfortable moments of silence.

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I do hold my marriage and my husband's legacy very close to my heart, so They called the shots. I just think if I wasn't fully committed or knowing that that person was the right person for me, I didn't feel that I needed to publicly display affection to somebody if I wasn't percent feeling it.

I think everyone that we met was kind-hearted, so if something wasn't going to go somewhere, that honesty was there. Words to describe yourself for online dating Worth NBC extended after 1 instance. Stranger Things season two is in the books, and like we all hoped, it turned out to be a worthy follow-up to an addictive debut season.

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On what viewers can learn from 3 Libby: There's definitely true, raw emotions and realistic points of view on how this date went, what he said, why don't I like this guy more, why I do like this guy so much when I shouldn't. She said the women were portrayed as highly intelligent and very self-aware.

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Some of our parents are still together, some are divorced. Share on WhatsApp Three Finding true love is hard. On their stand-out dates. And I think for us, we had the three of us to do that and to have each other's support, guidance and feedback.

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It's not pure happiness, roses and champagne. You always know someone that someone else dated, so I wanted something fresh with someone I didn't know anything about.