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Yes, being modest and polite. Shen Jia Min is immature and easily lead by others like Shen Bi.

Big C-ent Dating News as Famous Stars Zhao Li Ying and Feng Shao Feng Caught on a Date

To Chen Xiao, weibo fans had also forwarded this question. Will you guys discuss about these kind of issues in personal as well?

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I see myself in him and also see a lot of things that I may have missed. Finally, I would just like to say: Actually that statement about the ice bucket mimicking ALS is a misconception about the challenge. My advice to those of you who wish to donate or help raise awareness to think twice before doing it — what your actions may mean to others who may not be as blessed as you are with your natural resources.

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If you face setbacks in life and love, perhaps watching LoLZ will inspire you. But now, we want to focus on our dramas.

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Yes, because in the end he and Lu Zhen got back together. She wants to achieve her goals no matter what tactics she needs to employ.

It is also worth checking just how much of your donation for ALS really goes to research and support for ppl living with ALS. Would you still choose Lu Zhen? Her identity was later saranghae kim jong kook dating to be the daughter of Luo He, the master of Feng Yun order.

Hahaha…if both of them, at the same time…hmmm… C: When two stones clash together, both will get hurt for sure. After this, both of us have a lot of upcoming projects. Finally, coming out from period dramas back into the modern drama. I suggest generous hearts look into http: Thanks for all the support and attention.

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Intelligence maybe innate but compassion is a choice. Chuan Qi means legend. He later part ways with Chu Qiao due to differing beliefs. Is it because he is perfect? She can think for herself.

Zhao Liying And Chen Xiao Drama

However, circumstances that range from being abandoned on her wedding day, being gang-raped by Yan Xun's soldiers and being betrayed by the person she cares about the most has left her with nothing but bitterness and she turns almost unrecognizable into someone cold, vengeful and cunning.

I hope there will be continuous support for my future projects as well.

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Lastly, do you have anything you both want to say to the audiences? However, due to some misunderstandings, she ends up following Yan Xun on his path to seek revenge. Just a question, are you both really together?

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I miss their characters in Legend of Lu Zhen as well and decided to translate one of their interview segments. Host-H, Zhao Li Ying: So even if we are together… C: A cold man with few words, he is intelligent, observant and is skilled in martial arts. The drama seems to focus not just on romance.

Yes, we hope everyone focus on the drama and not bring characters out into real life. If one day they achieve a high position, they should still be humble just like how Gao Zhan treats his servants and underlings.

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We are just like a bunch of college students acting together. He loves Chu Qiao but could not pursue her openly due to the difference in their status, but has always been there for her in times of need. Why would you want to choose Lu Zhen?

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In LoLZ, there are a lot of scenes of both of you together. Yeah, I think it would be him H: Are you both working together for the first time? Oh, so now I know the ending. There are a lot of fans on weibo that is shipping both of you together. For example in the modern day, people like us in the entertainment biz would face a lot of problems.

I think I said too much…haha C: The casting will be confirmed in two months or so. They learnt to rely on each other during their lowest days, making their relationship complicated as Yan Xun becomes a vengeful person. I will represent your weibo fans and wish both of you happiness.

But because of that, we would be able to appreciate each other better and it may pull us closer together. No need to be wasting water.

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You guys have good chemistry. After one year, I finally can meet everyone the drama broadcast was delayed. I think this is a modest attribute.

We have our own ideas about matters. She is the only one who is willing to believe in the Xiuli Army who once caused the downfall of two of Northern Yan's biggest cities.

I think Gao Zhan is a very responsible man. I disagree with the Ice Bucket Challenge but I agree re.