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Hailee was fourteen at the time and was co-starring alongside actor Douglas Booth in the movie. Their intense portrayal of love for each other in the film was so believable that they fooled fans into thinking they were dating in real life.

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They adore her relationship with Cameron Smoller and love each photo the couple keeps posting on their Instagram accounts. The two would have made an adorable couple if the rumors had come true. They even walked the red carpet together making the rumor more believable but both of them have denied the claims.

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She hinted her relationship with Smoller by sharing several loved-up pictures with him on her Instagram account. They post plenty of pictures of themselves on Cully smoller dating and Twitter with sweet messages.

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Cully is Cameron's brother and Hailee's good friend. Though she was rumored to date other people, her fans stood by her as she rejected all those rumors and professed her love for Cameron.

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The rumor started in when Steinfeld was nominated for her first Golden Globe Awards. Her singing career took off with the song Flashlight in Pitch Perfect 2 Her Thoughts On Marriage Hailee Steinfeld who has just turned 19, is way too young to discuss marriage and has never mentioned anything about her future plans regarding marriage.

Her Ideal Dating Situation Hailee Steinfeld appears to be a very down to earth girl with a very mature persona for her age.


Finally, inSteinfeld opened up about her new boyfriend, Cameron Smoller. Sep 5, at 4: Justin tweeted his support for the actress but fans took it to the other direction, starting quite a media buzz at the time.

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Justin denied the allegations when he appeared on The Tonight Show saying that she was too young for him. But she again displayed great maturity when she clarified that he was just a good friend and her co-star and nothing more.

Hailee has not yet revealed how and when she met her love but we assume that the two met through Cully Smoller. Introduction Hailee Steinfeld is an American actress, singer and model. She was born on December 11, in California.

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She has revealed that she would rather stay home than go out and do something everyday with her boyfriend. She jumped to fame as an actress with her role in True Grit The person has to be very easy going and low maintenance. Hailee is two years younger than Bieber, and at the time when the rumor circulated, she was just fourteen.