Pizza World Championship – 27° edition Pizza World Championship – 27° edition

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Dessert pizzas and focaccia bread are excluded from the competition. This is ideal when were are really busy! Our staff love it and it was handy for cooking starter dishes as well, as it is hotter than our main cuppone tiziano 420 dating.

We used it for pizzas, as well as roast veg, caramelised onions, and bread too. Each pizza will be shown and then cut into pieces and given to the Jury for tasting.

The competitors may wear their own organization or group uniforms or even the uniforms of their own pizzerias but they may not publicise brands other than those present at the world pizza championship. The Judges will award each pizza points on a scale of 1 to for each requested skill. In case of annulment the enrolment fee will be reimbursed on receiving communication 15 days prior to the start of the event.

Video shootings are not admitted. Only the competitors wearing a pizzaiolo uniform may take to the stage during the prize giving. We were able to use it for everything including potatoes, meat, and bread.

Everybody may request to see their marks at the end of the Championship at the headquarter in Caorle VE — Italy, only by appointment.

The pan containing the pizza will be put on racks provided by the organization and arranged in the cooking area.

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The points given by each Judge will be added together and the total will determine the position. We got a Cuppone oven because we needed more space and speed, and we were very happy with the results; we were able to cook ten pizzas in five minutes. The winners of each category will have to give their free availability to whatever event the Organization will ask them for both in Italy and abroad.

Possible claims can be transmitted to the World Pizza Championship Organization, through a written communication starting from the day after the end of the event and not more than 10 days later. The participants must be at least 16 years of age. All we have to do is crank up the temperature and wipe it clean.

Competitors will have 20 minutes to prepare, cook and present it to pizza Jury. If this is not done the pre-enrolment will be cancelled.

We all like it at Kids Complex as it is really easy to clean and use, and it heats up quickly. We found it really easy to use and also clean, meaning all of our staff like it! No registrations are taken during the event. All our staff like it and rate it 4 out of 5.


Eros — Locando Ottoemezo. We would definitely give it 5 out of 5 stars and especially like the LED lights on the oven. Those pizzas that do not meet the specification for the STG will not be disqualified but shall be considered valid for the category "Classic Pizza".

The contestants in the category "STG Neapolitan Pizza" must know the regulations governing the production, available at www. Everyone loves it and it is super easy to use, we would recommend it to anyone. Our staff all like it and we would recommend it, as it has a good temperature which makes it a lot easier to achieve great results.

For "Pan Pizza", it is forbidden to use pre-cooked dough made in external laboratories. The Organization will provide only the tools normally used and the mixer for those who want to make the dough on the spot.

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The pizza will be rolled out in the presence of the Judges to the ovens and even the leavening, if required, will be prepared after consultation with the referee.

An inspector will see that the pizza complies with all directions of the STG specification. It has lived up to its reputation and is absolutely worth the money. During the competition, the competitor will occupy his own position to the oven and will not move until his pizza is ready.

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My favourite feature is how the oven cleans itself. From February 1st to 28th the registration fee by phone will be euro ,00 and euro ,00 for online registrations. Those who do not abide by this disposition will be disqualified without appeal. We also used it for burgers, as well as pizzas and would definitely rate it 5 out of 5.

We also tried bread in the Cuppone and that too turned out great! The top three scores of each competitor will be summed up and the math calculation will determine the winner.

Cuppone Pizza Ovens

The results will be publicly displayed the same evening as the prize are given. The enrolment will be confirmed and valid on receiving payment that must be sent by money order within 2 days of the telephonic enrolment, or with credit card or pay-pal at the same time of the online registration.

A hat and an adequate uniform are suggested. Each pizza presented during the competition must be submitted directly by the applicant, any helper will not be able to talk to the Jury and also must wear the work uniform.

Pizza bakers working for sponsoring companies, in any possible way, are no admitted to take part to the Championship. The cooking time is great and you can choose between bottom and top heat really quickly.

An official of the Pizza World Championship will monitor so that each competitor, once his division is over, removes from the preparation room all the work tools, ingredients and all the personal material, and thoroughly clean the space used.

The Organizers reserve all publicity and image rights regarding the contestants of each category for one year and the unlimited use of photographic, video and other material without any obligation to the contestants. All participants of the baking classes should be at Palacassa in Parma at 9.

The Organizer has the right to make any change to improve the carrying out of the event.