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They are professionals who black block chi sono yahoo dating crack a joke in most circumstances and can manipulate their voices according to specific requests.


Whenever you feel like you or someone you know needs a good laugh, hit us up! Totally worth bragging rights online and for your wall! You can then use these credits for future orders or other products we offer. Although this is a prank call gag service, we take our service professionalism and security very seriously.

Tiny Tease

No, unlike every other service out there, every prank call we unleash is personalized to your target and the theme of the discussion is closely related to the plan we had devised. Believe it or not but we are entrepreneurs with goals of leaving many positive impacts in the world.

What if they do not pickup the phone? Frequently Asked Dating girls prank calling Why should I prank call them? Currently, we are also the ONLY service out there that delivers such stellar service. Was this for April Fool's Day only?

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If we are unable to reach them, we will contact you and try the prank call again. Now Accepting Beta Testers! We take on various projects and do all sorts of awesome stuff.

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Currently, we are partnering with some of the best comedians and voice actors to offer truly unique prank-service on this platform. We can now mess with people and play fun jokes all year round.

Got more questions or comments? Furthermore, we do not share any of your personal information with any third parties.

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They will be assigned orders per prank call request; so that the most appropriate one can execute our devised prank call plan. There are many friends, co-workers, couples and families who actively use our service to create unique memories.

You will only receive your money back instead of store credits if you have purchased the Evil Genius prank call plan. Most of our comedians are voice actors as well.

Pretty girls calling prank APK

Comedians are thoroughly screened staff members who executes the prank calls. They have a background in some form of comedy Radio, Stand Up, Writing etc… and are sure to make you and your target laugh!

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What are your security commitments? Furthermore, since it is a real person, the call will be dynamic and the chances of them catching onto our plans are very unlikely.

This way, each prank will feel scary real and genuine, giving them a bigger scare! If they do not pick up, then we will call back at another time, up to times.

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Same thing, if we are unable to reach your target after multiple attempts. When telling us about a potential target, make sure that it is someone who can take it. Visit our mother company here Dilyar. Learn more about how serious we take security, your privacy and service professionalism in our F.

All aspects of the network are connected through https can confirm by looking at your web address bar for the padlock connections. Could you explain your price plans?

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Then we will ask you to give us another target or keep the payment as credits for future requests. We will do our absolute best to hit the time you had specified If you chose Tiny Tease, we would try to execute it as soon as possible.

We are one of the only, if not the best prank calling service that fully customizes the prank calls; this is achieved through stellar customer service, hiring the best comedians with voice acting talents hard to findworking around the clock to constantly improve services, etc… All requests are labor intensive, so our customers and we believe that our pricing is fair.