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Collect all items in the second row to unlock Frightening Floor Patterns. Waiting times between collecting varies from 20 to 60 mins!

Remember, the types of hobbies available are different depending upon the life stage of your sim. Level 6 XP General tactic: Once they walk off you will be able to use the item again.

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How do I look after them? Step 3 Sims will then take part in the hobby and progress through different levels.

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Hobbies have six levels and the equipment that you purchase will help your sim advance from level to level. Can be done at the ground floor of the community centre. Completing the tasks and meeting the requirements will allow your sim to advance through the levels of his or her hobby.

A toddler hobby Cons: Hobbies for Seniors only: Simtown High- once built you need to enrol them the same way you give an adult a job, use the teen study desk to increase a sims grade faster Pros: Hunger- fridge Energy- bed, chair, coffee machine Hygiene- bath, shower Social- talking to another sim, phone Fun- lots of things including tv, computers and trampolines!

What hobbies can a teen do?

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Requires the Arcade costs orbs or LPs. Haunted items can be found in the store. Other hobbies at different life stages have similar tasks and requirements. Can be done at the "Snow Park" or at home on the pool, provided you've installed a weather machine and switched to 'Snow". It will be available from "Promotions 'R US" when unlocked.

For at home, a "Record Player" like at the community centre is available from the home-store. This hobby can be done by 3 sims simultaneously on the upper floor, pre-teen sims can practice karate or ballet on the ground floor.

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Collect all items in the sixth row to unlock Teen Roman Costumes. It was designed to keep your sim busy, hope for the 1st place and earn 3 LP.

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Now it takes 24 hours to have a sim compete. Can't find your answer? Master Ghostologist Unlocks after completing the Ghost Hunters quest al level When it is complete, you tap the! Up to 4 sims can participate simultaneously.

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Step 2 Purchase an item that you think your sim will enjoy. Haunted items need to recharge mins as of the Teen Update!!

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Can be done at home after the first collection completion and buying a woodworking bench and by multiple sims at the same time three at the community centre at the start. You are more likely to find them if you get a lot of Sims looking for them. Step 1 Choose a hobby for your individual sim.

Collect all items in the fourth row to unlock Wicked Wallpapers.

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Your sim can then get involved in ghost hunting as a hobby. Except when starting a new collection. This post explains in more detail birthday cake ageing If you have completed the life dreams and legacies quest then you no longer need to bake birthday cakes, they will age automatically.

You'll unlock several music instruments for your teen. Your Sims will search items in their house, but while they are searching the item you will not be able to use it.

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For example, if your sim is an adult, you can purchase ghost hunting equipment. Requires Swimming Pool in town.

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How do I create a teen? This is just a quick post to tell you about teens.

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