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This case, the investigation of all these mysteries, is engaged sheriff of the city. Time flies, are the year, there are new technologies that are tangent movies, they decorate them, make spectacular and beautiful, frightening and entertaining, funny and interesting.

After ten years will already be removed completely different movies, with new technology, there will be horror movies. They are nice and friendly.

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At first everything is predictable, and then becomes more complicated. Although they know that a lot of what they can expect on the way to a solution of this horror, they still will not stop and try to see it through.

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It seems to be a normal city, normal people, their problems, all his own, but it seems that there is something hidden. Here are more given to the fear, violence, and all the other qualities. Tourists and casual visitors a very warm welcome and accepted, and then brutally murdered.

And I can say that these same manner only decorate the movie, give it a particular flavor and atmosphere of fear, the film breathes it.

Although it is fast enough, you still feel are not pleasant. And now the local sheriff and an eccentric mortician must reveal terrorize secret — the secret society that is home to the terrible tradition and no one … no one actually neither alive nor dead nor buried!

Something very strange is happening in the quiet coastal village of Potters Bluff. What do I remember this picture?

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At times, some scenes do look nasty and unpleasant, for example, the scene sticking a syringe in the eye.

And you can also note the unusual course of action.

Dead & Buried

He is joined in and the mortician. USA Also known as: But even more puzzling is that these dead then appear on the streets of the town, as if nothing had happened.

I remember this movie is very, very long time, the old video tape, which, unfortunately, now I have not been preserved.

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In my opinion, fans of horror movies is the time to like this movie, or at least interested. He gives the impression of a very good shot. And indeed in fact a place where all the action — namely, Potters Bluff, in itself a strange and unusual.

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The difference between these two films is huge, and even silly to compare them, in my opinion. But such films should not be forgotten, because with them it all began, emerging genres, techniques that developers use in their paintings.

I do not know why it happened, but I remember a long time, and even now I think of it with a sort of shudder.

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What happened to her, I do not remember, but I remember the movie very well, despite the fact that the last time I saw him two years ago, and since then has never looked. And the dead are not so certain as it might seem at first sight.

First of all, I personally, she remembered his idea.

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