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I love the mods: Since Sera has no taste or time for serious pontificating, living in the moment, and bringing levity to any situation will help a romance blossom.

How to Romance Solas in Dragon Age: Inquisition

He just never tells the complete truth. Respond with "neither have I. He is a companion in Dragon Age: They're using a mod to have a romance that the character isn't animated for.

Sexuality doesn't always have to be intrinsically tied into your backstory. Solas concludes that the many current conflicts in Thedas - mages against Templarselves against humansspirits against demons - are little more than the black-and-white reductionist dichotomies which have led to the many tragedies of history.

Meeting Solas

Then choose "We are trying. Below is a list of all his reactions to quest and personal dialogue. Solas is an elven apostate hedge mage and an expert on the Fade.

Travel to the Exalted Plains and complete the quest, choosing to release the demon. A great thing about romancing Solas is that you can have him greatly approve no matter which side you decide on, but you must: Flirt with him when possible, and chose to go with him from Skyhold to Haven for a talk about your first encounter.

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He also responds positively to actions that generally support mages and elves and marginalized people and groups, in generaland to an open-minded attitude about magic and the Fade, as well as spirits and demons.

He will express his concern that the Inquisition will arrest him for being an apostate mage. I never cared for Iron Bull or Dorian. In the final dialogue, select "You did all you could". Either way, once this quest is done Solas will initiate a conversation where you can start a romance.

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After you've finished the quest, gain her Amulet of Power by selecting the option "Please, I need it. If Solas is befriended and the Inquisitor asks why the world must be destroyed, Solas will not answer the question but will smilingly remark that the Inquisitor has always shown a thoughtfulness he appreciated, and that it would be too easy to tell them too much.

A male elf partner is slightly taller than him, so they don't line up right.

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Please see that page for their locaions. I really enjoyed it.

Cullen – Human/Elf Female Inquisitor

He would have then restored the world of his time—the world of the elves. And with Inquisitionthe developers outdid themselves. Can't wait for DA4! Solas' animations in romance scenes are animated for a female elf partner, who are shorter than him.

They eventually stumbled upon a Qunari plot Dragon's Breath to invade southern Thedas, and disrupted it by discreetly pointing the Inquisitor in the right direction.

He apologizes to Flemeth, which she answers with an embrace and an apology of her own.

Thanks for uploading this. He was granted permission to study the lone survivor of the Divine Conclave's explosion and one of the smaller rifts, in hopes of finding a way to seal the Breach and help the prisoner.

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This conversation has several variations depending on approval. Please see the page above to see how judging prisoners affects Approval with this character.

He entered the Inquisition camp voluntarily, surrendering his staff to Chantry forces without protest. You will gain some Approval from Solas every time you activate an artifact.

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