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The failure to act on it proved Dux into becoming, without question, one of the most celebrated, recognized, respected and acclaimed leading combat strategists and tactics authorities in the world, today.

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Due to the observable fact it not only transformed its creator Frank Dux into the MMA archetype as an Undefeated World Champion 16 World Records but consistently reproduces the same result in others - it enables the novice or the best of the best to reflexively neutralize a non-compliant, combative or lethal threat, seemingly effortlessly.

The kung-fu masters in China and Mongolia who profess to practice Shuai Jiao the oldest style of kung-fu meet single girls online for free to Mongolian wrestling, a lineage which precedes the Ch'in dynasty B.

An example of such suppression come from the Keji, an Asiatic people that have been included in the Hui nationality in China, chiefly because they are Muslims. Esteemed descendants of these Kung Fu masters, like Peter Kwok and Kuo Lien Yingone of the most distinguished and revered martial artists of the 20th Century, have argued that the Chinese cannot be expected to be able to dispute Japanese claims of invention when the proof necessary to do this was deliberately destroyed by the Japanese in order to lend credence to their claims of superiority, and specifically in relation to martial arts.

Dux to adapt, improvise, improve and change his fighting in order to dominate in his professional no-holds-barred-fights as well as having to overcome real life lethal threats; encountered while a covert operative and as a consultant to elite military and police units, world-wide.

One way they do this is by declaring everyone not connected to them to be a fraud and fake. This development and expansion of espionage and clandestine warfare far pre-dates the shinobi.

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Beyond Science Yes, female ninjas were real. Dux continued to evolve to found a truly unique and original system, entitled: This trade libel makes use of attributing to people false statements they never made or spinning true statements out of context. Those definable observable acts that demonstrate ones commitment: The science of organizing and maneuvering - in battle, to achieve a limited and immediate aim i.

In addition, students acquire invaluable verbal and psychological tools in order to de-escalate a threat and prevail without physical contention.

For those unfamiliar with Hui, this is the current designation by the Peoples Republic of China for Chinese language speaking people descended from foreign Muslims, who may or may not be practicing the religion of Islam. With Matial Arts being an unregulated industry this has resulted in infecting this once incorruptible circle with charlatans and hucksters.

This will include several series and an online training cours This was provided to them by Popov, as an agent for British Intelligence.

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More disturbingly, the Japanese refuse accept responsibility for eliminating the written folklore and historical artifacts that could have established the possible root origin as Chinese. His empirical and rare knowledge of real combat, forced Hanshi, Frank W.

Few people in Tibet or outsiders are aware of the existence of the Keji, in Tibet.

Shidoshi Frank Dux, about the "manuscript" Dux Ryu Ninjitsu

And they were deadly. They have for nearly half a century been insulating discovery of their consumer crime and racketeering practices by making use of trade libel. It does not replace one skill set for another.

They go on websites where they obfuscate the truth while they keep others on the defensive.

In fact, the Chinese Encyclopedia on Nationalities makes no mention of their existence. The proud Keji, however, speak Tibetan and are ethnically distinct from Tibetans.

The Mindset; concentrated effort; decisions made in advance; the ability to utilize fear and decide without distraction or hesitation on a course of action: