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A typical residential solar panel system will eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year—the equivalent of planting over trees annually.

Our Gas Safe qualification covers everything from domestic work to large-scale commercial subcontracting. We are able to offer full range of products and solutions for housing warming and hot water such as: With energy bills only expected to increase, the financial benefits of new electric radiators will increase year on year!

Based on the insist of strict quality control and innovation of product development, Sundez has been supplying reliable products and excellent service to consumers all over the world. All boilers installed 3,5 or 10 Year Warranty included, this depends on the package chosen to give you peace of mind.

Company Introduction

We could help you spread the cost Finance could be available subject to status, we are not a Finance company and would refer you to a regulated broker. Gas Safe Registered engineers For your peace of mind, our engineers are Gas Safe Registered, meaning that they have been fully trained and qualified to carry out work with gas boilers and appliances.

It represents a clean, green source of energy. Eco Home Energy Ltd.

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Give us a call today on or send us a message using our website's contact form. We only process virgin timber ensuring we produce premium quality woodchip with no recycled timber in sight. Woodchip for Biomass boiler We supply Woodchip fuel to Commercial, industrial and residential customers.

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Services Solar PV Solar panels can drastically reduce your electricity bill or remove it completely in some circumstances. In addition we can specify a central control unit which enables total control by smart phone or tablet! Since Sundez was established inwe have been always focusing on the development of global heat pump market, especially European market, taking Sublingual space boundaries in dating market as guidance, and dedicated to serve global customers.

They will ensure any debris or rubbish is removed safely on completion of job. This is not something that is expected to change anytime soon.

Besides, we offer safe, reliable and more ECO-saving products and solution for global customers.

Econess Energy Co., Ltd.

Solar is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Based in Arnold, Nottingham Offering our services throughout the surrounding area. To find out more, please get in touch. The cost of traditional fuels such as oil and gas are increasing year by year!

We offer a range of products and services suited to mainly commercial and industrial users and we also supply some domestic systems. Each radiator has its own in-built digital thermostat to enable separate room by room heating.

The hallmark of our business is our Guarantee, a clear statement of our Values and Trust.

Zhongshan Sundez Eco-energy Solution Co., Ltd

Sundez has always been concerned about the quality, because we know that only high-quality products can win long-term cooperation from customers. The FIT and export credit will be paid for 20 years, payments are adjusted in-line with inflation.

Biomass is not only used to generate electricity it is also able to produce heat. Buildings are responsible for 38 percent of all carbon emissions and going solar can significantly decrease that number. It cannot be depleted the same as fossil fuels as long as we can continue growing plants biomass will be available!

We now also offer a range of quality wood fuel options and wood chip surfacing. The reduction in bills is even more pronounced if new electric radiators are combined with Solar PV Panels to supply free electricity during the day!

This in turn maximizes the calorific value.

A complete turn-key service from idea development through to solution delivery

Biomass Biomass is an industry term for getting energy by burning wood, and other organic matter. Beat Energy Price Increases — Individually controllable heating means you only heat the areas you need heated when you need it resulting in huge energy savings.

By investing in solar panels you can easily protect yourself against unpredictable increases in utility prices, and enjoy FREE electricity through daylight hours — daylight will always be FREE and it gives you energy security. Much like the Feed in tariff payments for the solar panels there is a payment you will receive for every KW of energy you burn.

We provide a 10 year insurance backed guarantee, on all work undertaken and therefore are proud to provide an independent warranty to all customers, this means that you can be assured of a highly qualified, professional service.

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Our standard range of come with a comprehensive 10 year warranty. Energy companies are well known for over charging and rising costs. There is a solution to move away from costly, impractical storage heaters for every budget! Gas Boilers Our range of gas boilers include wall hung, floor standing, back-up and modular gas boilers, each designed for their specific purpose to meet the requirements of the client and suited for different house types for the Domestic Home owner.

You can always rely on daylight! Based on accurate understanding on European market, we have developed reliable heat pumps for central heating for European customers. We have established a high-ranged laboratory and production lines, and used strict quality management system to control every process from material sourcing to testing, following the principle of creating maximum value for customers.

Large scale commercial sub-contracting As well as offering our services to homeowners, we are fully qualified and experienced to work as subcontractors for large scale commercial plumbing and heating projects.

We won't be beaten on price and at the same time won't compromise quality.


You will be paid a feed-in tariff for every kilowatt of electricity that your solar panels produce. We are dedicated to producing and supplying top quality wood chip fuel.

We also offer a quality entry level radiator and the latest German radiator technology with an extended 15 year warranty. With a base in the Scottish Highlands at Grantown on Spey, and a branch in Irvine this ensures that we can cover a vast area for our customers, in a variety of delivery vehicles to best suit the customer including bulk tippers and walking floor lorries.

Immediate Comfort — From the moment you switch our radiators on, they will heat the room by a unique mix of both radiant heat and convention. Excellent service We refuse to be beaten on price or compromise the quality of the services we offer.

Solar panels takes away this uncertainty. Even if we do any unexpected work. Freedom from old fashioned and expensive storage heaters — We offer fully controllable heating that better matches modern lifestyles. We have invested in specialist machinery for production of woodchip and can provide a mobile contract chipping service.

By adjusting the cutting depth of the blades on our machinery, we can produce a full range of chip specifications —G30, G50, G, P16 or P