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His mother lives in an ordinary townhouse, but after her death it is revealed she also owns a still inhabitable castle. Now he is a schoolteacher.

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Then she had a friterie chip shopbut sold it some seasons later to become a cleaning lady again. Despite these facts, he is just a handyman with the municipal landscaping service and he tries fc de kampioenen afleveringen bekijken online dating hide his aristocratic origins.

Later on she started a newsagent's but gave it up after some robberies. Maurice is a rather mysterious man and many good totally free online dating services personals bad secrets about him are revealed over time.

Carmen's maternal instinct takes over and she treats the dog as the child she never had. Since the start of the series he has been a volunteer DJ at Radio Hallo. He is addicted to sex and frequently visits night clubs.

Pol becomes the new trainer and Marc the team's striker.

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Xavier is addicted to beer and calls it his "plat de jour". When customers are reluctant to buy, he tries to persuade them by telling them he has a wife and seven sick children to support. In the movie they marry. This is the only job he has been able to keep throughout the series, although he was once fired after he burnt down the studio by accident.

During a visit to the horse races, Pascale figures out that Maurice has a gambling problem He buys Bernard's restaurant at a knock-down price in the final episode of season 10 after Fernand sends him a fake letter saying that the building is due for demolition.

This doesn't bother him, unlike his wife Carmen. Later on, she falls in love with Marc.

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In most seasons, he tries to seduce Pascale, in which endeavour he partially succeeds. After Oscar absconds, Xavier is promoted to trainer and Marc is made keeper.

In the movie, however, they are finally married. In the last three seasons he has a relationship with Goedele. Earlier, she was married to Oscar, who absconded. Doortje was a secretary at Dimitri's garage. He started as the team's new forward but was promoted to trainer. After Pol became trainer, Marc got the position of foreman player although he can't play soccer at all.

They marry and have a child.

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He has worked as a policeman, undertaker, ice cream seller, cook, animal keeper, soldier, assistant in Carmen's friterie After the latter shop was sold, Marc started as a permanent cook in the canteen.

Fernand is very stingy and is always trying to wangle money out of people, especially Marc and Ma DDT who was in love with him for a couple of episodes until she found out that Fernand was only interested in her money. Later, she falls in love with Maurice, a nobleman. He uses English business terms which he pronounces incorrectly.

She has studied journalism. Marc Vertongen Herman Verbruggen— Marc fell in love with Bieke, which at first pleased Pascale because he was studying to become a doctor. Xavier Waterslaeghers Johny Voners — Xavier is in the army but owing to his incompetence has never achieved promotion.

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She loves all kind of gossip. Nero Yorkshire Terrier - Nero is Carmen's pet dog. Later on, she becomes Boma's secretary.

He frequently threatens to sell the canteen and ground but always changes his mind at the last minute. She subsequently started a relationship with Balthasar on more than one occasion, but these always came to an end as Balthasar kept cheating on her.

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Fernand Costermans Jaak Van Assche — Fernand is a shady trader and manager of an "antique shop" and is the third and last main protagonist in the series. He tries to convince his customers that his goods are high quality and have belonged to very important persons.

In early episodes, she was a housekeeper and cleaning lady at Boma's mansion.

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She has found love again with Pol, although their relationship goes through many ups and downs in the last couple of seasons, when Pol seems to neglect her. He believes he is a fashionable dresser but the others describe his outfits as "made from kitchen curtains".

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She would like to have a stylish tavern, but her attempt to redecorate the canteen is a failure. He is in love with Carmen and does almost everything for her. Balthasar is also the owner of the club canteen, the football ground, and Radio Hallo.

In reality, Fernand sells only junk, mostly stuff found on rubbish dumps. Maurice de Praetere Tuur De Weert — Maurice starts a relationship with Pascale, but this is interfered with by his very demanding mother.

Marijn Devalck — Balthasar is the owner of a sausage factory. In the final episode, they marry.

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Pascale is rather pretentious and likes to keep up appearances. Some seasons later, Xavier is fired as trainer and returns to his old position as keeper. Doortje Van Hoeck Ann Tuts — Doortje is a shy and somewhat strait-laced lady who can nevertheless be assertive when necessary.

He was a gift from the team. The dog is named after Nero from the comic strip The Adventures of Nerowhich Carmen happened to see in a newspaper when she was thinking of a name for her pet.

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In the early seasons, she had ongoing relationships. He is the team's goalkeeper, but fails to hold most shots. Although nobody believes this, the wife and seven children actually turn up in last episode. She is a clever woman and resolves disputes in almost every episode.

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He has an encyclopaedic knowledge and it turns out that he is a member of the nobility. He is also not keen on marrying Doortje because it would cost too much money in his opinion. He is a very nice guy in the majority of the series, although in later seasons, he seems to have gained some of his uncle's traits as he becomes a lot more stingy although he has no problem with spending a lot of money when it comes down to soccer.

She was formerly married to Pico Coppens, who left her with her child Billy. It is made clear on many occasions that he is more interested in soccer than in Doortje.