Dating Your Fender Amp Dating Your Fender Amp

Fender amplifier product dating codes, the internet it just gives and gives and gives.

Our research efforts are now in their fourth year will it ever end? To assist us in better serving our customers, please take a minute to register your Fender products.

Here is a cool link to a Vintage Fender Amp price history chart that tracks sales data for specific amp models by the month.

Dating modern fender amps

Transformer company EIA snk chapter 75 online dating. In either case, the code works the same. Just exactly as indicated in the blog post above.

Also, the amp eats power tubes, does not have much headroom and breaks up early. The gap distance was increased in the Oxfords that Fender used later in the decade and this reduced their efficiency and they were cheaper to make this way.

How old is my vintage amplifier?

Buying a new guitar is a considerable investment for most of us. I will admit that I prefer Jensens, but I've never let an Oxford speaker sway my decision from owning a Fender amp.

Oxford speakers codes work in a similar fashion, but it is the letter that denotes power handling. The first 3 digits on a pot, or the first 2, 3 or 4 digits on a speaker are the source or manufacturer code.

The serial number that starts with LO instead of CR. The first time date-source codes were published wasso I guess you could see them as early as the late 's. The list, presented below, is based on our actual observations, but is not comprehensive.

What year is my fender amp

For speakers this code can be 5, 6, 7 or 8 digits long, and it's ink-stamped or paint-stamped on the "bell housing" of the speaker. Of course, the most foolproof way is to pull the chassis and look at the layout.

Fender never printed any since there were plenty of leftover AB tube charts available and these were used well into This article will help you determine your date code for your vintage fender. Examples of Source-Date Codes. Many people think that the date on the heel of their Fender neck is the production date of the guitar.

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How the Source-Date Code Works. Some large parts distributors would even return parts if the date code was "expired" and want "fresh" parts in return.

Of course this all assumes the pot or speaker is original. The Fender Blues Junior is most similar to the But if you think about it, parts like electrolytic cacpacitors, this could be an issue. The N and LL suffixes denote a high power rating, with "high power" being a relative term.

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All speakers can and will fail eventually just like the hard disk on your computer … remember that. Bigger facilities meant more workers with little or no experience.

Generally, the Utah speakers of the '70s weren't as great sounding as their predecessors, but again let your ears be your guide. I tend to believe that the latter idea has some merit since Fender practically doubled its size after the CBS takeover.

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These guitars were replicas of the early and s era guitars. Find great deals on eBay for fender amp serial numbers. Transformer company EIA codes Again, I would like to thank everyone who responded to our request for data as outlined in Parts 1 and 2. Jensen was the prevalent stock speaker in Fender amps from through about In most cases, the reconed speaker will sound nearly as good or as good as the original.

The source-date code found on pots and speakers gives the manufacturer and date roughly when the components were made. I found an Oxford ad in a s trade magazine with the peak power ratings of some speakers: Choke and Reverb transformer all have date codes.

There are several ways to determine when a Fender amp was produced. With this in mind, remember if the last two digits of the source-date code are greater than 52, you're not looking at the source-date code!

Speaker guru Ted Weber explains: The Transformer Number that starts with XX-XX, with the 3 or 4 Xs numbers being the date code when the transformer was made and not necessarily when the amp was made.

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As the story goes, Leo Fender wanted Jensen to make some changes to speakers and either the speaker couldn't price constraints? The "L" rated speakers are found in reverb and non-reverb Deluxes, some Tremolux amps, and multi-speaker amps like the blackface Concert, Super Reverb and Vibrolux Reverb.

Return to the Main Index. The actual power ratings have been published in several books so I'll discuss them in general terms here.


He made a bolt-on neck, so the neck and the body could be manufactured at the same time. I have two vintage Fender transformers, one is power the other is output. So, I have compiled a list of speakers used in Fender amps and took some photos of some of them as well.

A friend of mine asked for my assessment to a transformer of an 72' Twin Reverb. The "K" rated speakers are found in reverb and non-reverb Deluxes and in multi-speaker amps up to watts such as the Tremolux and Concert.