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A BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed information so far! Navigational waypoints and airways for high and low altitude flight overlayed on map. Naturally, there are still permit-locked systems out there that may yet be discovered, while there are others that should be taken off this list.

Bounty Hunting You can also bounty hunt your way to allied status for the following factions, at the flirtuok ltt locations. Any input into a search engine with inappropriate words are instantly flagged by the system and access is denied. So if you know something, share it and I will update it.

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Click Here Important things to keep in mind when obtaining permits The controlling faction is not always the permit providing faction. Boundaries of volcanic eruptions and ash clouds impacting aviation. Added a community spreadsheet for you all to play with and add information to! LTT's censorship filter affects any aspect regarding the reproductive system in humans, and or any words deemed "immoral", the recognition software does not discriminate between educative websites and adult websites, barring users from accessing information regarding reproduction, pregnancy, and medical - educative websites.

According to a new report from Akamai, the average internet connection speed in Flirtuok ltt is the slowest in the world at 0.

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Just be sure to re-outfit your ship with better shields, armor and thrusters and chaff to withstand maravilloso desastre online dating odd NPC interdiction.

This move comes with the implementation of Islamic sharia law post 17 February revolution. LTT has recently 'seemingly' implemented forced restriction on YouTube videos, blocking viewers from seeing videos flagged by the community as inappropriate.

While the exploration takes forever, getting allied will go by quickly once you get back. Link to the relevant thread: Here are some trade routes that will help you get allied.

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As of -LTT, flirtuok ltt holding a monopoly on internet service provision in Libya, has achieved world status rating of 'Slowest internet in the world'. Triton, Luna Earth's Moon How to obtain permits: Thank you so much to people who have contributed to this thread!

Services [ edit ] Notable speed differences: Global IR Satellite provides worldwide cloud cover displayed on the map, refreshed every 60 minutes. While it is true that pornographic material is being omitted by LTT's local filtering system, it has been found that non pornographic media has also been affected raising controversy on the move due to Libya's politically unstable environment.

Current weather for 3, airports in the world overlayed on map. Credit to Factabulous on page 57 for finally for making this suggestion. Master Updated Permit List So I decided to go ahead and update the list of permits known so far in the game.

Forecasted areas of high level significant weather, available for up to a hour period in six hour increments Recorded lightning strikes shown on the map, updated every 15 minutes. I have decided to discontinue updating the rep systems by hand and instead will provide a direct link to eddb for each faction, which did not exist at the time when I originally created this thread.

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Although efforts were made by LTT to counter large numbers of connections in densely populated areas, service delivery still remains ineffective and slow Tips on getting allied quickly with an Independent Permit faction Exploration million credits dumped at a station OWNED by a permit granting faction gets you to allied quickly.

Trade Trade is also an excellant way to get to allied status while making some decent money. There is quite a bit of out of date, incomplete or outright wrong information from various sources, so I decided to compile the best info I've been able to find so far.

This puts Libya behind Bangladesh, which has an average connection speed of 1. Global Radar provides worldwide areas of intense precipitation on the map, refreshed every 30 minutes. These blocks are more questionable and controversial than they are useful and protective.

You can rep up at any place the faction is at, but only systems within 15 light years of the permit faction's home system will provide the permit. At-a-glance altitude and speed information when you hover over any portion of a selected flight's track.

Wind speed and direction on the map, in 1, ft increments, refreshed 12 times a day.

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While under the guise to protect users from 'inappropriate' content, it appears political websites and anything deemed unfavorable to whomever's agenda is at LTT are also being blocked. The move to omit pornographic material was reportedly started by the Local Islamic Judicial Court of Tripoli archived under article of criminal Penalties.

Please submit your findings in this thread, and anything you know about the location! Credit to 22tma on page 57 for the inspiration!

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Total precipitation shows areas of active precipitation on the map, refreshed 12 times a day. ADSL Services are deemed slower than the new LibyaMax services due to disorganized cable infrastructure requiring adequate maintenance and repair providing consumers slower than expected internet speeds.

See where it is day and night on the map at a glance. Updated Permits Community Spreadsheet!

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I will check back every so often to see if there are any new updates. Cable infrastructure especially in the Tripoli Residential capital area Omar Al-Mukhtar can be observed as being disorganized and damaged, with old copper wiring still serving the typical household and not providing the intended-advertised services.

Get an instant overview of the airport delay situation around the world or in a local region. Apparently no one was supposed to get the Isinor permit yet, so what was thought to be a bug was actually "working as intended".

Services[ edit ] Note: It also appears, that Libya Telecom technology has been using Bandwidth throttling to change internet speeds in different areas of Tripoli to minimize bandwidth congestion.

This thread has become a true community resource! During Ramadan Iftar time, 8: I've also found precious little information about how to actually get some of these permits or if it's even possible at all.

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WiMax service delivery is also ineffective due to large numbers of users connecting to major wireless hotspot antennas simultaneously. Various oceanic tracks, including North Atlantic Tracks overlayed on map.

Internet Access Solutions[ edit ]. Please contribute additional permit locations, and the best places to obtain them, as well as any other relevant information such as why you'd want to get the permit or where the ideal locations are, if any.

Volcanic eruption when applicable. LTT is also blocking users from accessing any major proxy sites.