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Flirty girl fitness toronto instagram, how does flirty girl fitnessĀ® work?

It takes a crazy amount of strength to pose and spin on poles, you'd be surprised! DJ Fizza was playing some awesome music while we were there, and I was actually really excited to see a female DJ!

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Extended hours are available for private bookings. I wasn't sure the cardio component would be at the intensity I needed, as I want to work hard when I work out. That being said, there were definitely strippers in my class looking to up their skill set.

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The people there were all so beautiful and dressed so nicely, and there I was in plain clothes What is Booty Beat When flirty, fabulous dance meets choreography with a purpose; the result is a fun, effective way to condition the entire body inside and out. As it turns out, I was wrong on all accounts.

What did you think? Not just because the class is fun, I'm there for the kick-butt workout! They also had some really cool things for the attendees like a nail bar, a hair touch up bar, hypotheekrenteaftrek berekenen online dating place to get your lashes done Inspired by an episode of Oprah when Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher gushed over how pole dancing classes were keeping her in the best shape of her life and allowing her to have loads of fun, the Knee sisters bought their own pole, taught themselves how to swing from it and then opened up their first Flirty Girl Fitness studio in Toronto.

I have had members change their work schedules just to be sure they can attend the class, and one member who had stopped coming into the club to workout has decided to return every week just to take Booty Beat.

You can see by these photos of the girls what I'm talking about. Then the whole party is whisked off in a limo to the hottest clubs in town with VIP access especially arranged for them by Flirty Girl Fitness.

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It's incredible how they do these poses and tricks on the pole because I know first hand how hard it is. But with only two locations, one in Chicago and another in Toronto, Flirty Girl Fitness is a truly unique and exciting new fitness gym that appeals to women who want to get a great workout and also unleash their sensual side.

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Listening to their skin rub over the pole as they do a drop is NOT comfortable for them. If not - would you ever try it? Jen and I definitely had to reevaluate our fitness goals after seeing how strong, flexible and all around amazing looking these girls were! You Might Also Like: You walk in through huge wooden doors with vintage glass in them the doorman actually let us in that night, but normally you need to open the door yourself.

We have taken the fun, fabulous, fitness that the Flirty Girl Fitness brand is known for and created an amazingly effective and uniquely entertaining format designed for use in gyms and fitness facilities everywhere.

Frozen Raspberry Yogurt Pops were first on the list I actually remember some of the moves from the class, which typically I need to take a class with a dance-theme several times before I even start to "get it," never mind remember the movements and patterns.

Receive press releases from Flirty Girl Fitness: Every member who has taken the class loves it! I look forward to every opportunity I have to share Booty Beat with other fitness professionals and to "Flirtify" women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and abilities in this fun, fabulous, cardio-crazy, uniquely entertaining format.

Each class offers a total-body workout, burns calories and increases muscle tone. I have to admit that I only had 1 because it was a long day, but the cocktail was delicious and the people there seemed to be really enjoying themselves!!

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Third, I figured this would be a workout that would require some serious sexiness. Flirty Girl Fitness is off the charts! Anyways, Jen and I first headed into the pole studio where we grabbed some food that they were serving, and it was amazing.

Exercise that is so unique, you'll be fabulously fit in no time.

Flirty Girl Fitness inspires every woman to create a healthy, lively and sexy body image packed with confidence and beauty. The supportive class environment is designed to help loosen inhibitions and have fun.

Even if you're on the shy side, there are private lessons and a DVD collection. Flirty Girl is taught in such a fun and easy-to-follow format, that I found myself immersed in the experience, not worrying if I looked like I knew what I was doing, Everybody was moving with the instructor and getting it.

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There is definitely no shortage of laughing at Flirty Girl Fitness! I had to add a second class to my schedule the first week it was offered due to such high demand.

Elypticals, treadmills and stationary bikes are replaced with brass dance poles, leather lap dancing chairs, a Coyote ugly dance bar and a large lounge area. Flirty Girl Fitness will be open Monday through Thursday 11a.

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I had a blast exercising! The Flirty Girl Fitness program, Booty Beat, is an outrageously entertaining cardio intensive dance-based class that works the entire body. There is also a second location in Chicago. I thought, "hmmm, I'm actually sweating and working a little harder than I thought I would, and this is just the warm up.

Have you ever taken a pole dancing or pole tricks class?

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You can either sign up for membership or take a walk-in class but classes fill up quickly so it's best to sign up beforehand. The classes are packed! The whole night went until 12am, but we only stayed until about 10pm.

For additional information please visit the website at FlirtyGirlFitness. All of the Flirty Girl Fitness instructors are female so you don't have to worry about taking an Abs and Booty class under the guidance of a male trainer. And followed very closely by some of the best gnocci that I've ever tasted in my life Friday and Saturday 11a.

The genre of music is so diverse, I found myself reminiscing on music from the past, as well as new and trendy beats.

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I know, I know The Flirty Girl Fitness specialty is a Luxury Bachelorette Party Package, which includes class instruction for the bride-to-be and her guests, cocktails, fine catering, makeovers, manicures, and gift bags that include a digital photo album of the evening for the bride-to-be.

The inside is just as gorgeous That is the pole studio, and they also have a studio for other classes such as boxing and boot camps and kettlebells and stuff like that!


You walk up some stairs and eventually you enter a pink, sparkly wonderland. It was such a great event and it was organized really well. It has inspired me to get back into pole, I was so strong back in my pole days!! Flirty Girls can also kick some butt with Hottie Body Boxing and Flirty Fight Club classes which include boxing bags and pink boxing gloves!

I had a great time! The DVD collection includes five routines that will help you you take advantage of these sexy fitness classes in the privacy of your own home when you can't be in Toronto or Chicago.