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Frankenhooker riffs on that very possibility. The Revenge of Frankenstein The Frankenstein movie: Unlike the majority of titles that pluck from Shelley's resurrection yarn, Sparky doesn't seek revenge on his owner.

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The great close-ups define the characters, and through them you can understand them. That desire for the strange and wonderful things we see on the big screen to be made real. I had expected Frankenstein to be your classic, everyday, lame horror film which you only watch to get some cheap thrills, and see some horrible overacting.

Frank Henenlotter notched up some serious horror cred with Basket Case, and brings that same disturbed and sardonic eye to a truly unique perspective on Frankenstein's creation: As part of the Frankenstein canon it marks a deliberate who is lela loren dating from Shelley's intentions, that has never been attempted since.

Frankenstein is somewhat obsessed with death, after losing his mother at an early age, so he attempts to create a new form of artificial life, derived from various body parts of corpses: This is probably one of the most powerful and draining movies I've ever seen in my life; I was so impressed by it that I had to run out and buy the DVD right away.

Frankenstein (1994)

I think De Niro deserved an Oscar, or at least a nomination for this role. Waste not, want not. But this film is a lot more than eye candy. This version, in my humble opinion, also had a more appropriate ending: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein The Frankenstein movie: Like the monsters at its heart, it's a strange creature that takes the essence of the Frankenstein story and repurposes it as a morality tale.

I liked the fact that the "monster" could talk and comprehend and, frankly, I liked the revenge factor and fact the monster decided his fate, not hysterical townsfolk as in the original Boris Karloff film which has a sadder ending.

Scripted by Christopher Isherwood it takes liberties with the source material and even infuses certain parts created in earlier films.

Scene Of The ...

Before Frankenstein, the only movies I had seen with him were Analyze This and Analyze That, and those were comedies, so it was difficult to see his skills as a serious actor, but in playing Frankenstein's creation he created a character that is confused, alone, hostile, manipulative and clever: It's nuttier than a fruitcake.

He's not decapitated, and escapes to Germany where he sets up at a pauper hospital to carry out more experiments.

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The True Story The Frankenstein movie: The creature, although initially showing signs of being a sympathetic and caring soul, quickly learns that the ways of man are harsh and judgmental, so he swears revenge on his creator for bringing him into this world of isolation.

Yes, it is melodramatic. He murders two people who mistake him for a thief.

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What Kenneth Branagh does here is stay true to the spirit of the classic gothic novel. He chooses to kill her instead.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Page 2 "I busied myself to think of a story which would speak to the mysterious fears of our nature and awaken thrilling horror; one to make the reader dread to look around, to curdle the blood, and quicken the beatings of the heart," Mary Shelley once wrote as explanation for why she penned Frankenstein.

The 'creature', was played absolutely masterfully by Robert De Niro.

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Perhaps it was expected that it would be more your traditional horror film, but it really wasn't a horror movie - it was a character movie. The supporting cast is also very good, with Helena Bonham Carter doing a wonderful and chilling job as Frankenstein's wife another one who I think should have gotten an Oscar nodand John Cleese in probably the only downright serious role in his career being very creepy as Frankenstein's mentor, who realized before that the moral implications of his kind of work cannot be lived with.

This dropped as part of Hammer's wave of stellar Frankenstein pictures, a seven-movie tenure that brought several superb continuations of the Baron's story. This movie was, there is no other word for it, beautifully done - a powerful, dynamic story of how man attempts to achieve greatness, but ends up ruining their lives and the lives of others as a result.

This fictionalised account of his life experiences takes place as Whale is recovering from a stroke in his later years.

For anyone who needs a good, powerful movie that'll leave you drained and thoughtful, this is THE movie for you!

The Inkwell

Burton takes certain iconic elements of the Frankenstein mythology and plays around with them to fit the tale of a young spirited boy named Victor. For Ana, her fascination stems from a genuine interest in the Monster's purpose: The book was melodramatic.

Frankenweenie The Frankenstein movie: In other words, there was great realism put in a story that is a famous far-fetched-type of tale.