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Assessment FOR Learning, ongoing assessment or formative assessment Continuous feed-back is provided, either by teacher or by peers. Valuing hygienic habits such as: I assign a weight for each item affecting a certain key competency.

Flexibility and strength are mainly conducted by a combination of visual, verbal and mechanical methods Whole practice, no need of breaking down moves Fixed practice present in stretches, bodyweight exercises.

Analysis of tests results and graphs L. Name and recognize postures or actions that could lead to back injuries or misalignments 5 Participate in fitness related tasks and games, demonstrating team working skills, fair play, courtesy, striving spirit, grace at loosing and winning, and care for equipment and facilities Make an effort to communicate in English with peers and teacher using the appropriate terms to the class scenario 16 Getting Fit Contenidos E.

Does the student make an effort to speak in English?

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Does the student make an effort to understand messages in English? They track their own progress by keeping the physical activity journal and the portfolio up to date. Use of ITC to get information about fitness and health. Main muscles and joints. Reinforce the learning by questions or repetitions.

Use of English in physical activities: Where else is this game played? Scoring prerequisites and recovering the unit credit Attendance, assignments hand in, 3 out of 10 rule.

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Use of English in P. Building materials Revising assessment procedures language assessment Other Departments that might be involved: Gestures and practical examples will help students learn subject-specific terminology. Can the student understand the hands out given in class?

Maximum Heart Rate and heart rate zone for a healthy workout. The language products that students use to describe, explain and report.

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Gather the students in front of you for a long talk If you have to talk to a scattered class, check first that students are quiet and attentive If available, use of a radio microphone in contexts such as: Competencies Rating Scale No meets: Getting Fit Assessment and Evaluation: Names for bodyweight exercises and stretches.

Does the student use the expressions given by the teacher to use in the class? Work a little harder. Vocabulary for lectures and internet search activities: Terms for sequences and basic math computations Firstly, then, after that, etc Add, multiply, divide, take away, etc L.

Giving feed-back for a good posture.

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Application of different stretching methods and strengthening exercises as well as warm up and cool down routines, keeping the appropriate body position in each exercise. Whispering, calling out or shouting situation?

Do more of what you are already doing. Walk for 30 minutes instead of 20 or walk five times a week instead of three.

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Developing the communication skills to meet language demands of the unit. Turn your walks into power walks or jogs. Acceptance of a variety of performances, no matter how good or poor they are. Recommendations for the care of body structures: Vocabulary of new equipment, facilities and physical exercises: