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G dragon and hee chul dating, dropping kpop translation lyrics like it's hot

Jaejoong, G-Dragon, Taeyeon and Heechul...

This pretty boy with signature flowy locks has further fanned the speculation by sporting hairstyles from punky pony tails to wavy tresses. Super Junior's Heechul later gave in and confessed that he and Siwon really did date the same girl.

Hopeful fans everywhere rejoiced earlier this year, when Lee said that he was not dating anyone. He has no qualms putting his androgynous looks to good use -- entertaining with his uncanny ability to impersonate women.

Sohee & Ji-yong Kwon

The two singers think that they were two-timed. The Twitter post was accompanied by a photo of a bow-wearing, feminine-looking person with one manicured finger placed on pouting lips.

Recently, there has been speculation that he has broken up with rumoured girlfriend, Japanese-American model-actress Kiko Mizuhara, What is more, the fearless fashionista makes women green with envy with his knack for fashion, extensive wardrobe and invitations to exclusive Paris Fashion week shows.

He turned up in drag in his music video Crayon, complete with flowing blonde tresses. The lad still plays the lass a performance act not uncommon in K-pop: G-Dragon, Kwon Ji-young25, leader of boyband BigBang The self-deprecating fashion chameleon has no qualms milking his girly charms.

It turns out that Heechul and Siwon dated a woman who is also a celebrity. Who is the girliest of them all?

Are BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Lee Joo Yeon dating?

For the last 10 years, he has never worn the same outfit to the office. Heechul and Siwon confessed that they dated the same girl before. He has appeared as a guileless schoolgirl and a hot blonde babe on variety shows and at concerts. The Taiwanese actress once played a role opposite to the Super Junior member for the live adaptation of "Skip Beat.

The title of the drama? Lee Jong-suk, 24, actor Rising actor Lee Jong-suk has enviable delicate features and a petite face.

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Advertisement Heechul added, "so that we would not clash. Then, there is his fair complexion that some girls can only dream of attaining, even if they slap on sunscreen and whitening products.

Reports say that Heechul was rumored to be dating the actress. In fact, he once candidly revealed on a Korean radio show that he was often mistaken for a girl when he was young.

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Kim Hee-chul, 30, member of boyband Super Junior Oozing with confidence, Heechul once unabashedly declared that he looks like a doll. He switched to acting instarring in bit parts in dramas such as Prosecutor Princess and Secret Garden.

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There he revealed a few glimpses of his life as an idol. Some things never change, however.

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Siwon first answered with a hint and shared that they would first notify each other if they are dating a girl who is in the same industry as theirs. Even so, Siwon looks like he is convinced that they were. Apr 29, - He starred as a mind-reading student with a mission to protect his benefactor in popular drama I Hear Your Voice and went on to leading man roles on the big screen - as an aloof competitive swimmer in the film No Breathing and as a cowardly Casanova in Hot Young Bloods But who is the mystery girl who dated the Super Junior members?

G-Dragon pulled off siren red lipstick with such finesse in a South Korean cosmetics advertisements last year, he would make you blush.

However, he is unsure if the woman two-timed them.

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Super Junior Dating Rumors: There might be a possibility that the woman in question is Ivy Chen. It is not hard to see why Taemin is the champion of the pretty boys with his innocent doe-like eyes and kissable pouty lips.

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But what shocked everyone was when he spilled the beans about his past relationship. One netizen even questioned if Jang was transforming into a girl.

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Last year, however, the beautiful man said he got a haircut after four years of keeping his hair long for his new drama that ended its run in Korea earlier this year. On top of that, she had already worked with Siwon before.

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Is this Heechul, Siwon's Mystery Girl? His good friend, actor Kim Woo Bin, dished in an interview last year that Lee loves to talk about marriage - even though he does not have a girlfriend. Because of that, the hosts, as well as the audience, got puzzled.