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Heythereimshannon and diego dating divas. Del shannon lyrics - hey! little girl

Well bitch, the universe has shined a light upon your big ass. You could take a few selfies in it, just for me to see. What's your favorite way to have sex? What are you looking for in a woman?

Do you like the beach? Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Do you know any jokes? Have you ever cheated on one of your girlfriends? Sex is the best therapy for me. The power of pleasing you, until you can't take it no more. I think working out is so rewarding.

Wait a minute, cowboy! Do you remember to which group i belong? I've told you how tall I am! Yeah, you remind me of a well-known actress. Do you still talk with any of your ex-girlfriends? Yesterday a friend of mine told me that her boyfriend put his thumbs in her ass!

I'm such a big fan of it. Do you have a job? Are you an early bird or more a night owl? Why do men think their dick size matters so much? Yes, I work as an actor for the adult industry. I'm imagining that I'm here with your sexy, curvy ass.

Hey I'm Shannon

I'm on my way to a bar right now. The Boardwalk Empire star's hair was disheveled and unkempt, as he kept his head down while walking through the concourse. Look at that bitch! Do you like my uniform? Yeah, we met last week at the tanning salon. I'm single and ready to mingle.

Gone was her sleek updo, as she covered her bed-head locks with a black beanie while Michael signed autographs The couple have daughters Sylvia and Mario together, and live in Brooklyn, NYC, so were likely to be heading back to the East Coast.

Sure, come with me. That I would never get to know what your pussy tastes like What makes you happy? Yeah, I love it.

I was hypnotized by your looks. Hey cutie, are you here alone? Not big, but keen. Love is for losers.


I want to please you so bad! Do you enjoy the cheerleaders at the stadium? How come I always see you outside my working place?

I do, hop in.

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Where are you going in such a rush? I could go for a ride. Clear blue sky in her eyes, big titties, and passionate about sex. I complimented your ass.

Her skirt is so short, she is almost naked! What is your biggest fear? It does, but I would still throw you in my bed tonight. My ex was talking about it all the time! Do you like my clothing style? I love it if men have a good sense of humor. I love the way you dress. Actually, no I'm not. Which is the perfect shape.

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Seeing your titties made me cum already. What's your favorite place to take a girl out on a date? Do I know you from somewhere? Maybe we should talk over some drinks tonight?

Mind if I walk next to you to the beach? Do you like open relationships? Do you like partying? Gone was her sleek updo, as she covered her bed-head locks with a black beanie.

Do you like tanning? I remember a cute face when I see one. Maybe you could give me a hand with that? What do you like doing in your spare time? Is that a flashlight in your pants, or are you happy to see me?