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Top 40 stations typically can't how to hook up amp to speakers and sub that long for results and have participants "call out" directly, by listening and rating different hooks.

Market research from these hooks provide radio stations of all genres of what their audience demographic wants to listen to, or even tests the musical boundaries of ghilgames online dating audience.

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When Hook up music playlist first got into DJing I was surprised at the kinship that existed, about the desire for one DJ to send someone else music. He's another DJ who I got on with and now we swap music.

Not available on iTunes. Perhaps it's because the vocals are untouched - that tends to keep fans happy. In fact, this is a remix and I still haven't heard the original. Though a hook can be something as insubstantial as a 'sound' such as da doo ron ron"ideally should contain one or more of the following: I suppose it's how you get other people playing your records, but there's something magic about people saying "Hooky, check this out" just because they want you to hear it.


I knew nothing about them and to this day I don't who this kid is. I wasn't sure what the crowd would be into, so I hook up music playlist this remix of theirs and luckily it went down well. It's the total opposite to how bands were back when I was in Joy Division, when everyone was eyeing each other with suspicion and you felt as though you were in competition with them.

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Click here to download from iTunes Hablando - Ramirez This is an old one, sent to me by a friend who has similar musical tastes. A hook may also garner attention from listeners from other factors, such as the vocal timbre or instrumentation, as in the case of the Beach Boys ' use of an Electro-Theremin in " Good Vibrations ".

Scientific research[ edit ] A European consortium including Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam studies the hook by using online games and the wisdom of the crowd to understand and quantify the effect of catchiness on musical memory.

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Turns out it was the bassist! Of all the bands who seemed to stick out last year - Foals, the Courteeners, Elbow - I think the Enemy have the potential for trans-Atlantic appeal with their album. It's fast, loud, catchy and individual.

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One of the things I appreciate most about music today is how you can get your hands on the kind of equipment needed to remix a tune, so everyone can get involved.

Use in market research[ edit ] The hooks of a song may be used in market research to assist in gauging the popularity of a song based on the listener's ability to recognize the song's hook.

A lot of people give me tracks they've worked on or sometimes just found, and I just have to listen to all of them in case one gets away.

Stations may use the services of a professional "hook service" or prepare the materials themselves. Kudu sounds a bit like the Ting Tings, especially the strong female vocal, and it's catchy. It's a shame that people either know her from The X Factor, which was fairly recently, or from Happy Mondays, because this is by far one of the best things she's ever done.

Every dance track has slight changes, usually every couple of bars, either subtle or unsubtle. DJing used to be this cloak and dagger operation, but now it's open to everyone and I think that's grand.

Click here to download from iTunes. For example, in the song " Be My Baby ", performed by The Ronettesthe hook consists of the words "be my baby" over the conventional I-vi-IV-V chord progression of the chorus. The participants are then asked to rate the song on a scale from "dislike very much" to "like very much".

There is a good trick to getting a remix right: Just look at Radiohead getting the public to have a go at their songs.

On the first night of supporting them I was chatting away to this kid at the DJ booth for a good half an hour before he says, "Anyway, I'd better get on" and walks onstage.

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Often radio stations conduct "call out" either on the Internet, via telephone, or a music test either online or in an in-person setting to conduct surveys.

Definitions[ edit ] One definition of a hook is "a musical or lyrical phrase that stands out and is easily remembered".

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In some studies, radio stations play the hook, typically bars long, [6] for audiences of up to participants. And if you were the lad who gave it to me in New York, cheers! Click here to download from iTunes Rise from Your Grave - Tiefschwarz mix Phuture This is an acid tune frombrought right up to date with a recent remix.

This one has very subtle changes so you don't even know what it is that's changing, just that it keeps you interested.

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The hook is 'what you're selling'. A hook has been defined as a "part of a song, sometimes the title or key lyric line, that keeps recurring". Some hooks become popular without using any unusual elements.