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The term purple orchid means the male sexual organ and there is a group of orchids that represents female organs. While the association with beauty and elegance makes the orchid tattoo design a popular option for women, men show an inclination towards this tattoo because of its symbolic relation with potency and sensuality.

If you want you can combine an orchid tattoo with other things from nature that also hold a lot of significance for you. It is a thing of beauty and full of meaningful symbolism that will make you feel happy and satisfied.

You can use bold and dark colors and these can be extended later if you are not extending till the wrist. This wonderful design element will give a full scope of using a flower as exquisite as orchid in the right way and to get full worth of time and money spent as well as pain borne in having a tattoo inked.

Their rarity means that orchids has a lot of symbolic hookupu orchids tattoos in many cultures especially the Asian culture. Also, one needs to get an expert and experienced tattoo artist to create a magnificent looking tattoo of this equally magnificent meletemata consolidating. If the hookupu orchids tattoos wanted a male child, the father would eat orchids and for a female child, the mother would have to consume the flower.

Men tend to lean towards the charm and potency factors when the decide to get a tattoo with orchids in them. In certain cultures, the flower was even used to determine the sex of an unborn child. Also rocks in black and grey, by Jason Kim.

Its shape is also sometimes connecting it with female genitalia. Hopefully, you'll be able to find ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo What is an Orchid? The orchid takes on any number of meanings depending on the particular place and time. Do you wish to ornate your body with this majestic flower?

Certain other elements like birds, butterflies, leaves and grass can be combined with orchid as the main element, to create an eye catching tattoo design. You can also get something like this done if you want something that is not much colorful but looks like a 3D effect and also has heavy shadowing to make this look embossed.

The timeless flower is far more masculine than other plants, but it still carries a romantically sensitive vibe.

In some cultures the belief is that the orchid can help them find the gender of their offspring. Some orchids are looking like butterflies or even birds with various colors, but the most common and popular type of orchids is the pink moth orchid.

Orchids are rare and beautiful and mean so many things to so many people. Many opt for this type of design element to symbolize their sense of feminine powers, represented by the sheer beauty of the flower. Some other symbolic meanings associated with this amazing flower are royalty purity, luxury, elegance, innocence, mystery, fertility and delicacy.

Refined piece by Dmitriy Samohin. Other colors may be associated with maturity and wisdom.

Black Orchid Tattoo

Gorgeous half sleeve by Mihail Storochenko This is a shaded and a very embossed effect orchid design. The tattoo can be inked in any size depending upon the location which is chosen by the tattoo bearer to be inked.

This is another floral and orchid format that you can do with either temporary tattoos or you can do these with any permanent inks.

Also these are customized to suit your comfort ability.

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This is a sleeve design and this also has other floral patterns. This is also quite colorful but done in a black shade which gives it a different look. If you want then you can also ask your professional artist to make something in larger or smaller version of the similar design. Like all other tattoo designs, the orchid design too needs a good deal of research before it is finally inked on a tattoo bearer.

18 Fabulous Orchid Tattoos

The orchid comes in a variety of hues and is really stunning to look at and this makes it ideal for a tattoo. These flowers have been revered in various cultures around the world, particularly in the Asian culture, where they are associated with fertility.

Of the nearly 28, species of orchids, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, and Vanilla orchids are the most popular. This widespread flower can be found almost anywhere on earth, from the tropics to the Arctic Circle.

This makes orchid tattoos related with sensuality and eroticism. Orchids are known to grow in most climates but tend to be found fully blossomed in more tropical areas. Hibiscus Orchid Tattoo Design: These can be done along the spinal column if you want these formats. The thing about an orchid tattoo is that getting one will make you feel special and blessed.

Orchid Side Tattoo

Feminity celebrated by Mike. By flashing an orchid tattoo, you will be imparting an extremely potent statement that is laced with a lot of historical significance and symbolism. Many East Asian cultures esteemed the orchid as a symbol of something precious and rare. Pencil Type Orchid Tattoo Design: Nice compass by Jethro Wood.

Contact Author Orchid tattoos are very popular with women and the occasional man. And, despite the price tag, the orchid is one of the most popular household plants next to the peace lily. Once you have looked at the pictures of orchids and understood their meanings and the symbols they represent comes the really tough part — picking one.

If you are thinking of getting an orchid tattoo, then you need to do your homework.

What is an Orchid?

These can be very girl type and easy to sport. You can also do these in a large or a smaller format according to what you are comfortable sporting.

Because orchids come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, the tattoo versions are very versatile and can be inked almost anywhere on the body.

Though it grows in the wild, it is nonetheless a very pricy flower if you want it in your own home. As a result, the tattoo artist has a great number of options to create some unique designs by making use of the different colors, sizes and shapes in which various species of orchids grow in nature.