Is Key from Shinee dating Nicole from Kara Is Key from Shinee dating Nicole from Kara

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I tried finding something, anything that'll show Key possibly has an attraction to women but I couldn't find anything.

They just came back is key from shinee dating year. He deserves to be free and do whatever he wants to. On October 24,it was announced that Key would be participating in the return of the Korean adaption of the broadway musical Catch Me If You Can.


Even if it wasn't about them, a lot of people might've tweeted Hyeongseop about it. Not that there's anything wrong with that lol but it was extremely hard to tell but I finally found a forum that has the BEST evidence to date.

She is due sometime after Christmas but before New Years. Maybe he's just really picky and Hyeongseop did fit his ideal type description. I have a little money with me," I said.

She dated actor Talan Torriero from to For the last few years she has been dating Formula One world champion racing driver Lewis Hamilton I took a deep breathing, smoothed out my dress, and opened the door.

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Jonghyun Shinee5. Idk about how this one. He makes it sound like its hard work to conceive a child. He mentioned that he reads internet comments about him before. Do idols have free time?

Also, remember 30 of this list? And Keyseop were caught wearing same necklace. I snapped out of it when I noticed she was asking me something. Every time I'm promoting I hear things like that.

Often changes his ideal type, then switches and says he doesn't have one?

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The original Korean verses reflect the song's overall meaning, as Key asks a lover to stop pushing-and-pulling [39] and was written by the singer himself. A gay app notif flashed "cute gay OOO is m away from you!

I hugged him tightly, his arms coming around me, tucking my head under his chin. I took her hand in mine as we walked through the park and she smiled at me, I smiled back though in truth I was ready to leap off a building in happiness.

Nicole Kara2.

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His obsession with Lady Gaga XD and covering "girly" songs 7. He shook his head. So he seems that he has stronger feeling for his family than the other members. An ex-SM makeup artist said that Key is obviously gay but plays the bisexual card because that's somehow better?

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The 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic in Seoul. And isn't lying at all? TMZ has a lot on her. I think he's tired of hiding. Since he was raised by his grandmother, he'll probably end up getting married and having children with a woman in Korea but still remain in the closet. He's giving us hints here and there.

He even changed his icon to black.

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Notice how after Jonghyun and Shin Sekyung relationship was announced,Key began to distance himself from Jonghyun. Key abruptly got nervous when it was his turn and suddenly said "Wait I wonder that too.

He's really confusing sometimes. Key tells a fan to stop cutting herself and mentions he used to self-harm. He stated that he wanted to announce it on his own because it did not feel right for the news to be announced through his company.

The fact that A hit on C is a well known story. Key has used Naver to search people's names before. He is receiving many praise and love from the staff. MERGE exists and is an alternate of. It said "Yours Forever There was a rumor claiming we kissed in a car but that's not true.

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A staff member who visited C's hotel room late at night to brief him on next days agenda was said to have been in shock after finding D in C's room with a red face. In the magazine interview, Key commented that EunJi was his ideal type of woman.

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So key knows people think he's gay, yet he doesn't try to hide it. So he may have deleted them bcuz of it.

SHINee’s Key Explains Dating Rumors with Infinite’s Woohyun

I smiled, happy to make her day enjoyable. It's kind of like, we already know, so he doesn't have to confirm anything. He's also known for his unique fashion sense. They look like close friends to me.

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But I guess they're dating 'cause look very close to each other. I just took them as jokes. Could easily be something someone made up You haven't eaten yet have you? So Key-oppa walked me home. Where a member was going late at night putting on cologne.