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Janet susdorf amputee dating, hemipelvectomy janet susdorf walking for first time on prosthesis

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I am having a real hard time with this thing called phantom pain. Doesn't the prosthesis rub against your What should I do?

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I can't wear this prosthetic leg. She got me distracted with her beautiful looks, I didn't even notice the leg to be honest.

The reassurance of seeing her options is heartwarming.

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I have to relie on my crutches and the peg leg I have on the other stump. They were not able to keep her iliac crest or ischiam on the amputation side.

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Do you have these bones. You are doing such a great job at walking with your prosthetic leg.

Hemipelvectomy Janet Susdorf walking for first time on prosthesis

In either case, your first steps are almost fluid in execution - and far superior to a lot of amputees with less limb loss. The problem is the compression of my soft tissue when I put weight on my artificial leg. If it's really hurting a light muscle relaxer actually helps me and doesn't keep me up at night.

I am wondering what do you do when that happens? Where did you have it done? They are working on a prosthesis for me but it is not working well.

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I have to admit that the prosthetic I have now is a lot better than the previous ones were. Keep up the good work and you will be able to do anything you want again. I have been a right, below knee amputee for 39 years. I am hoping that there is someone out there some where who can help me.

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I have the exact same amputation and have been in a wheelchair since I was 17 Your walking very good with your prosthetic. I made two Hemipelvectomy prosthesis last week. If so, it's really, really amazing.

Good luck and God bless.

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It gives you a chance to enjoy life more. Dawn FKA hamilton-doerfler Both the patient and the doctors who made the. I am looking into getting a prosthesis because I want to travel and I feel like the chair is just too much and will prevent me from seeing things I really want to see.

It pushes the torso socket up around my rib cage. I just recently had a hemipelvectomy of my left leg.

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My younger sister is a new hip disartic. In time walking will become second nature for you, and you won't have to concentrate so much while you're walking. If you'd like to contact me by email with more questions, I'd be happy to talk.

Has the technology advanced so far, or are you unusually athletic with your strength, balance and motor skills don't mean to sound pejorative?

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Are your videos truly the first and second day of learning to use the prosthetic? I am also an amputee hemicorporectomy. Were told a prosthesis is not an option due to not having these bones. Thank you for sharing your video!

We do them a bit different but the results are what counts.