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I don't say that to be a dick about it, but it's just a matter of fact. Perhaps what I loved about Days is the fact that the movie looks at it from one point of view and if you were to do a companion film, from the other point of view, it would be a completely different movie. The acting is decent, there are some funny moments, but the film is just too bland and adheres far too much to formula to be what I would call a good movie.

Characters also rarely share passionate kisses, it's a peck on the lips and nothing more.

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I thought that was cool and that innovation is sorely needed in South Korea. I've seen so many of these movies and they all pretty much play out the same way. Not that it's annoyingly melodramatic, but it is somewhat dramatic and it's, honestly, a little tiresome at this point.

Part of me enjoys watching them even when I complain about them in the reviews.

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Not saying that they should've been fucking left and right, but there's a certain blandness to the characters that's undeniable.

Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! The first half is silly and 'funny', which is up for debate, and the second half is serious and dramatic. So, watch at your own risk.

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Or you have a movie like Days of Summer, which is an underrated masterpiece of the rom-com genre. I'm not saying that there isn't some creativity in this country as it relates to this genre, but it's considerably less than in other parts of the world.

There's one reason I keep watching these films, and it's not to complain about them, it's the fact that I actually do like the tone. So what you will about American rom-coms, which I will say are, overall, worse than South Korean rom-coms, but there, from some people at least, an attempt at trying to subvert the conventional genre tropes.

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It plays into every damn stereotype you have ever seen with one of these movies. I don't think I've reviewed a good South Korean rom-com in fucking ages, yet I keep watching them and that's because I do like the tone they put forward for the most part. There's no denying that.

The film is structured like usual. I thought that, perhaps, having sex be a central theme of the film would've given the movie that edge, but it was not to be.

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I understand that South Korean audience is fairly conservative when it comes to the matter of sex. I've seen South Korean dramas where they blur out some slight showing of cleavage.

And that's perfectly fine, but when you have a movie centered around a competition over who can make the best adult comic, I think some of that 'sex' should've transferred over to the actual characters. As much as I thought the film was heavily flawed, Trainwreck at the very least made an effort to sort of play with the conventions.

I'm not saying this movie is bad, far from it, it's only average at best, I just wish the end product was better. There is, admittedly, something infectious and that's why I keep watching them.