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Joanna shares that she took a lot of lessons in modern dance, in addition to the technical side of her training, to learn how to better show and express emotion and artistry. Starting with a good result, the Polish duo did not stop advancing.

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In subsequent years, the pair strenuously went ahead and showed increasingly better results. The famous coach found a worthy partner for her, Mario Wild, with whom she further developed her talent.

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The event took place on May 28 which will be memories remembered by the couple forever. Therefore, working in the UK would continue to help them blossom.

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There was a shortage of partners at the time and only after a few months of classes did Joanna partner with the only boy in the studio. With that, they hit the local dance school on its opening day. She said herself that she had been noticing him for a long time on the dance floor.

The couple also took first place at many other international Championships joanna leunis dating. Ina beautiful baby girl was born, Lia Michelle. Joanna at the time was only 18 years old and the results that she had already achieved were unheard of.

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At that time, it was not very popular in her home country of Belgium. The pair won 3rd place in the Amateur Latin program. Even though Leunis herself did not kurs angielskiego darmowy online dating that she brought something major into the world of dance history, in Aprilshe and Michael were invited to perform in the show Dance Legends.

Joanna started dancing again at nine years old after a blood disease similar to leukemia, had left her unable to get out of bed for nearly a year. Therefore, with Ruud Vermeij offering, Joanna immediately agreed for a new partnership.

Michael Malitowski & Joanna Leunis – World Professional Latin Champions

Joanna was about 15 years old and was without a partner, yet already had experience of international competition. The couple officially appeared in Autumn ofrepresenting Poland.

Joanna also admits that she could achieve this only in cooperation with Michael and considers it their advantage as a pair. Here, the dance duo won the Amateur Latin Championship.

It might therefore come as a shock to many that off the floor, she is incredibly shy and softly spoken, often leaving partner Michael Malitowski to do most of the talking.

Mario Wild - Joanna Leunis

InJoanna and Michael began to represent England. Soon, Louis retired from Professional dancing, and the question of a new partner for Joanna opened up once again. His parents were once a competitive couple and therefore often trained the young pair. The most important thing for Leunis in her dancing was to show all of her skills as much as she possibly could.

The couple split after the Alassio Open, which took place on June 27, in Italy, where the couple took 4th place. Together, they represented the United States.

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References Overview Joanna Leunis has become an iconic female in the Latin world, instantly recognizable with her bright blonde hair, charismatic style and lightening-quick spins.

With him, she was officially registered in the Amateur division for Belgium. Amateur Joanna's new partnership with Mario was her launch into a successful competitive career in DanceSport.

When she was 3 years old, she enjoyed dancing with her grandfather as well as with her father, saying how he would pick her up and they would move together. Michael Malitowski A new revolution in Joanna's dance career began with her alliance with Michael Malitowski.

After their eighth consecutive win at the Blackpool Dance Festival on May 27,Michael and Joanna announced their retirement from competitive dancing. Leunis had only recovered from the disease, but her father, knowing his daughter's dream, supported it.

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After their victory of becoming the Amateur Latin World Champions, the couple terminated their partnership. At the age of 6, Joanna began dancing several types of styles, and at the age of 10, was introduced to Ballroom. It was at this moment that Joanna was sure everything would turn out the way it should.

The couple repeatedly won many victories in the United States, including 1st place at the Emerald Ball on April 28 in Los Angeles USAwhich became their highest achievement together. According to Joanna, Louis was more drawn to show business, Broadway, and theater, which was not similar to the preferences of the most competitive Joanna.

However, the young man decided that his education would be his main focus and decided to quit dancing.

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Infor the first time, Michael and Joanna stepped onto the highest position of the podium at the Blackpool Dance Festival. Their first performance took place in Blackpool.

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The Beginning Joanna fell in love with dance, as soon as she was able to walk. Their performance in the Rising Star division earned them 1st place.

A short while after this, the couple announced that they were expecting. She particularly liked the judges of British competitions and also believed that she and Michael still had room to grow and develop. However, the partner was more into ballet and 2 years later decided that he would return to his old hobby.


One of her idols was Ruud Vermeij and she soon became his student. Leunis and Malitowski became reigning champions of this competition for eight years running. Life After Competition Joanna continues to dance.

She wanted to get control back of her body and so started dance classes with the support of her family and has never looked back. They both love to work, which resulted in the list of their achievements of victories.

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Their debut brought them victory.