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Until issue 9 he was called Nico. He hates losing to Senninha. She loves to talk on the phone. Retrieved 28 September Johnny is the heartthrob of the group and good at designing racing cars.

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Characters[ edit ] Senninha Senninha, "little Senna," is the main character of the series, with characteristics very similar jogos do seninha online dating Ayrton Senna, including unruly hair, a bulbous nose and red overalls like the McLaren team for which Senna was best knownas well as being friendly, determined and sometimes rushed.

The character was Inspired by Ayrton Senna's younger brother Leonardo. The character was inspired by Viviane, Ayrton Senna's older sister. Retrieved 21 August He is eleven years old. His name literally "hard arm" comes from a Brazilian slang for bad drivers. The comics were also sold in various bookstores in Europe.

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She is eight years old. He always copies Johnny's original ideas of cars design. Coni Neco's twin sister and the "economist" of the group.

It was published by Editora Abril and made available free to every school in Brazil.

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Archived from the original on 27 June He is always trying to win races and usually cheats. Archived from the original on 23 December The first publication was on February 27, He is the only black character in the group. The game was developed in Brazil by a team of 25 developers.

He is ten years old. They met with Ayrton Senna who suggested the design be based on himself. When awake, he normally interacts with Tala, as his cameraman.

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JJ is crazy about basketball and computer science, as well as a top student in his class. Gabi is an artist and the sensitive member of the group.

Archived from the original on 19 April To most other people it is a normal helmet and only magical entities and persons as special as Senninha such as Juan Manuel Fangiowho made a posthumous appearance in the comics in can see and hear it. He often annoys Johnny, who does not like him very much.

Gigi is the older sister of Senninha. Tala Larga is the reporter in the group, who always records the racers with his camera, and often tries to interview Senninha, of whom he is a big fan.

He is eight years old. He is nine years old. Marcha Lenta, whose name means "idle", is often shown sleeping. He is of Japanese descent and the twin brother of Coni. He is six years old.


During the initial run, he wore a blue jumpsuit like the Williams team that Senna was driving for at the time of the character's creation and a simple helmet. Neco is the mechanical inventor of the group. She is thirteen years old. Bate-Pino has a stutter and always takes a long time to complete a sentence.