Julie Hayek claimed that Paula Zahn's ex Richard Cohen coldly dumped her Julie Hayek claimed that Paula Zahn's ex Richard Cohen coldly dumped her

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The movie feels like a series of Joseph Cornell boxes all come alive and run amok.

Former Ms USA, Julie Hayek set to write book on pitfalls of dating rich men.

It was a good gamble. But Norton apparently had fresh enough eyes, and good enough sense of Hayek, to reshape parts of the script to suit her. Norton plays a young Nelson Rockefeller, the man who commissioned Diego Rivera's famous mural in Rockefeller Center and then had it demolished because it had Communist references.

Her choice of movies wasn't very good: As for Hayek, we'll be seeing her at the Golden Globes, the Oscars, etc. I was once asked why lesbians always looked scruffy and overweight, which I interpreted as over a size 10 and devoid of make-up and heels.

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I kept thinking all the way through it, "this is what Surviving Picasso should have been like. One recent analysis estimated that at the current pace of change, the UK pay gap will not be eradicated untilwhich would be 99 years after the Equal Pay Act became law. All I can say is thank goodness this stuff wasn't cut.

We always had nice conversations, but I never understood exactly what she was up to. They establish this couple in such an odd, unusual and romantic relationship that their Mexican soap opera continues to fascinate even in its downtime.

The title of this story is about Edward Norton, though, and I will tell you what I heard at my screening.

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My final point about men doing less and getting more money, praise or both is one most women are united on: But then again, all of Frida is a joy franzosen flirten besser blocks behold.

Feminists still have much left to do before we are even close to being liberated from the shackles of patriarchal privilege, and this is yet more unpaid julie hayek dating we women will have to undertake. For her part Ms Hayek has had plenty of experience with respect to dating well off men, well actually billionaires I have been told that well off dudes prefer token beauties like Ms Hayek and vice versaincluding such luminaries as David Koch, Larry Ellison,Prince Albert of Monaco, hedge fund manager Jim Chanos as well as real estate magnate Richard Cohen.

Now, after seeing a sneak, early rough-cut screening of Hayek in her newest film, at last I can tell you what she wants — or at least what she's going to get: Men get younger models despite being over the hill, whereas women get pity and Netflix. She's the first Mexican actress since Dolores Del Rio to make such an impact.

Women rarely feel good enough about themselves, and tend to feel under pressure to do more for less praise and fewer pounds. According to research by the feminist writer Beatrix Campbellover the past three decades, the time that men dedicated to childcare rose at a rate of about 30 seconds per day, per year.

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Their contribution to housework rose at a rate of one minute per day, per year. Her use of puppets, dream imagery and clever montages makes Frida absolutely riveting.

For years Hayek, who is half Mexican and half Lebanese, has wanted to make a feature film about the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

Then again with only a certain number of high profiled men out and about is it any surprise that women flock to gain the attention of such men and for their part any surprise that ultimately they wonder if the girl is in it for them or for their money as one very influential high powered hedge fund trader once put it to me.

Celebrity men can be adored while wearing grubby shortsscuffed trainers and hair sticking up at the crown, while women get the front page of Take a Break or Heat for going to the shops in trackies — and not in a good way.

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These days, after decades of feminism, men do more chores and childcare — but not much more, and still far less than women. But the Riveras rarely have any lulls. Now the actor Salma Hayek has spoken out against this sexist discrimination and has added her own delicious caveat: Then she starts dating Edward Norton, who's a smart guy.

So you know she's up to something, but you're never sure what. They are either fighting or making love — or both. Of course this might be bad news for some high profiled high fliers who are probably loathe to have the dirty on them publicly dished, one of them being David Koch who it seems was dating a number of women whilst also dating Ms Hayek.

The whole of it, including a trek to the top of the Mayan ruins, is historically stunning and quite wonderful. According to page 6Ms Hayek is set to write the book with a ghost writer and is currently going over her diaries. Taymor, who made the overreaching, ambitious Titus with Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange, has at last found the proper material to establish her as a film director.

But men who stay at home to look after kids, or turn up at the school gates, are seen as selfless gods. At the same time Hayek and co-star Alfred Molina, who plays Kahlo's longtime husband and fellow artist Diego Rivera, keep the action moving.

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It doesn't open until October, and maybe even then only a handful of people will see it, but I hope that is not the case.

Even when it comes to poor performance in the sack, men enjoy affectionate, sympathetic portrayals in Hollywood films, for example, I Think I Love My Wife and Bonnie and Clydewhereas directors portray their female counterparts as desperate, pathetic, frigid and often even psychotic.

Feminist organisations have campaigned to close this gap, and also to make it clear that women are not standing for it. Frida, which will shortly open the Venice Film Festival, gained some notoriety earlier this spring when Taymor and Miramax, the film's distributor, disagreed about its length.

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Norton, by the way, is one of a handful of "star" cameos in Frida, which are designed to lure in wary audiences. This is all fuel to the fire in our sexist culture. Whereas men can roll into the office looking like death in a carrier bag, women tend to be under pressure to look as fresh as a daisy.

They are less demanding on themselves and their standards are lower, yet they feel entitled to ask for a raise or a promotion.