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Rubber reinforced polymers of monovinylidene aromatic compounds and a method for their preparation. Binder based on aqueous dispersions for applying a rubber layer by vulcanisation.

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The putty according to claim 3 wherein said unvulcanized rubber is styrene butadiene rubber. Improvements in rubber for medical or pharmaceutical articles. Fire protection of thermoplastics, elastomeric resins thermosetting resins and rubber with antimony oxo compounds.

Emulsionen von Bitumen und Kautschuk, die mit den in Anspruch 8 beschriebenen Zusammensetzungen erhalten wurden.

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A dried hydrogenated rubber which is prepared in accordance with claim 3. Device for the treatment of highly viscous rubber or thermoplastic synthetic material. Protective surface coating by the application of liquid rubber.

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ABS type resins having disperse particles of a rubber exhibiting a high solution viscosity and a method for its preparation. Emulsions of bitumen and of rubber obtained with the compositions described in claim 8.

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Extrusion head for an extruder apparatus for the rubber or plastics industry. It's the composition of their properties that give our synthetic rubber granules their unique product qualities. Use of the sheets according to Claim 1 together with the low-viscosity rubber packaged therein in the production of impact-resistant polyvinyl aromatics.

The damping construction according to claim 6, wherein said elastomer is a rubber toughening agent. Schneckenstrangpresse zum Verarbeiten eines Materialstreifens aus Kautschuk oder Kunststoff.

What is the abbreviation for Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe?

A rubber business machine part according to claim 11 which is a roll. A filler-containing polypropylene composition according to claim 6, which contains a synthetic rubber.

The process according to Claim 4, wherein said thermoplastic rubber is selected from styrenebutadiene-styrene and styrene-isoprene-styrene. Einrichtung zur Verarbeitung von hochviskosem Kautschuk oder thermoplastischem Kunststoff.

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Screw extruder for the processing of a strip of rubber or plastic. Suggest an example Results: Aqueous adhesive for bonding rubber by vulcanisation to a substrate.