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In addition to acting, kendall's other love is making music. His best friend is Logan.

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We asked him all about dating and got some great tips: Kendall said that he likes girls who are just as driven and motivated as him. He also gives the best hugs! Kendall Francis Scmidt favorite animal is a boa constructer and a pyhon not a zebra!

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I got his info of the Internet so it might not be completely true What is anemonen kaufen online dating schmidts favorite animal?

Is kendall schmidt Christian?

10 Questions with KENDALL SCHMIDT of HEFFRON DRIVE | All Access Music

Hey, it was a great vacation! They went on a winter tour last year and have been recording their first studio album, Happy Mistakes, which comes out next Tuesday. Only in the movies. Schmidt lives in Los Angeles with his two dogs, piggy, cat, bird, tortoise and python.

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And besides he has to do a show for nickelodeon so he lives in HollyWood. Surround yourself with people smarter than yourself. He'd rather date a girl who is sweet.

EXCLUSIVE: Kendall Schmidt Talks Dating Advice And Reveals His Date Pet Peeve!

Kendall is currently single How tall is Kendall Schmidt? I try to make it out to Coachella every year. I think girls are pretty the way they are.

Also she has to make him laugh! How did your location influence your style? My guess is that he lives in claifornia because that is where all of the famous people live. Miami, Without a Trace. How do you know the difference?

Is Kendall Schmidt Single?

Flash forward a decade later and I get to write and record with Jim Adkins himself. Because then they think that all of life is a vacation and you have to worry about that. Just skip it, like the bad guy is never gonna be good in any situation.

Alt-Rock, Pop, House and a little Acoustic. Tell us in the comments! He spilled that if there's a really cute girl but she has a bad or boring personality, it's not worth it.

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Make conscious and informed business decisions. He also said that looks aren't everything,but she has to be funny! I hope this answered your question!

The two met randomly in and realized they grew up on the same street in Kansas, Heffron Drive.

Kendall Schmidt

He used to go to Black Water primary school in America California. Does Kendall Schmidt have a girlfriend? Within the last three years, he has learned to play guitar and has honed his vocal skills from singing in the car with his mom to recording in the studio.

And speaking of, you can check me out in the movie, The Great Migration coming out in !

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Kendall Schmidt doesn't go to school anymore, even though he is only still young! Does Kendall Schmidt have a sister? Where does Kendall Schmidt live?

They formed a band of the same name, but then Kendall joined Big Time Rush. Heffron Drive is a mash-up of the styles and genres I gravitate towards: Can you see me fangirling here or nah?

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Good luck toall the ladies out there: Kent dadKathy momKenneth brother, 24and kevin brother Focus on what makes you special, practice and nurture the things only you can do. I guess you have to see through it, but yeah bad guys, I never understood that. Also, agreeing with the person above, he doens't necessarily care about looks.

That might be the biggest one: He does, but as of September he is still single. I wrote the track with Toby Gad who also produced.

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Another source of inspiration is his family. Too much makeup I just think is never a good thing. James is just incase you were wondering. No stranger to the limelight, Schmidt has been acting for 16 years, and he answered a few questions for All Access writer, Nicole DeRosa to discuss his other passions, his music, influences, hidden talents and more.

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Mexico City is one of my favorite places to play. No ,he signs autographs with his right hand He has given up school for his new future, singing and acting! And most of all persevere.