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Rihanna And Chris Brown: Secretly Hooking Up For A Year!

Draya was open about her relationship with Chris Brown, talking about it during the show and on several talk shows. He actually fought the claims vehemently, refusing the two were connected in any way despite tangible evidence that indicated otherwise.

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While playing mother to his child, she's also a nursing school student and works two jobs. The two still hang out occasionally; if nothing else, they've maintained a great business relationship.

Rihanna, Chris Brown 'secretly hooking up', says report

She's had her share of famous romantic partners: Simply Jess is simply hot. Kimye held hands and took in the game as the Clippers went on to win The two have been caught in public on numerous occasions, several times in scandalous situations i. She's made herself a career out of nothing, and she's not are ronnie and sam dating to let anything get in her way.

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Her career had tragic beginnings: Though she's pretty shallow and superficial, she's still pretty hot; hot enough to make the list, at least! Nia seems to be working her way through college.

Rihanna And Chris Brown: Secretly Hooking Up For A Year!

She's a star on the reality television show Basketball Wives LA. They weren't shy with their affections, either, with Rihanna laying on Chris' arm as the cameras continued to steal shots of them together.

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Not only is she sexy, but she's sweet and mature, too! Recently, when paparazzi tried to drag her name through the mud, she tweeted that Chris Brown's girlfriend at the time and she were great friends, and she wished them both all the joy in the world.

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Natalie was definitely no more than a hookup for Chris Brown's books, but she can't and won't be ignored. She's been on previous seasons because of her engagement to Orlando Scandricka cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys why is the fiancee of a football player on a basketball wives show?

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Barack Obama followers her. She and Chris Brown had an odd relationship. They created the same basic product: The two got close, but Chris backpedaled pretty quickly, claiming on twitter "I don't mess with that girl.

It's rumored that the two got together to make their respective exes jealous. She doesn't take no for an answer and she dominates her market we can hypothesize, perhaps, that she may have been that way in her relationship with Chris.

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Simply Jess is the self-proclaimed best promoter of arts events in the Miami area. The two had a slightly messy breakup, just like any normal breakup, but they've stayed amicable. She and Chris never formally committed themselves to a relationship, but they dated on and off and hooked up many times between and But all that matters to us is that they got busy.

The two have maintained that they're not a couple, but pictures and public appearances could surely convince you otherwise. If you visit her twitter page, which you can find hereyou'll see that she stays incredibly busy. For Thanksgiving, Rihanna jetted to Germany to hang with Brown where he was performing on his Carpe Diem Tourand over the past few weeks, they've continued to share intimate photos of their time together via Instagram.

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She's independent and doesn't let anyone boss her around. It seems that the two never really tried to make a go at a relationship.

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Amey is the name she goes under when working professionally in her modelling career, most of which are nudes or minimal coverage shots. She's a hardworking woman and a single mother. Over at the Clippers game, it was more of a family affair. Brown and Rihanna turned heads in Los Angeles on Tuesday with one of their most public appearances we've seen in the past few years.