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I am preparing to take off and enjoy kim seul gi dating simulator adventure, but at the same time, I am not comfortable leaving [SNL].

What happened?

Kim Seul-gi First Look Interview: Therefore, I still remember the moment when I acted in the scene. Your family members have changed. I survived with praying every day, in retrospect, I can find some fun factors and sense of pride from those experiences.

But if you want to achieve more success as an actress more than the successes you have had from [SNL], I think you have to plan ahead.

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You were loved as the youngest sister. Maybe she is already a fully-grown fruit. It seems like you want to be an actress with a sense of reality. I value people and love is very important, also when I act, I will enjoy expressing love.

I am the most comfortable character like Park Myung-soo, especially among female entertainers. Fortunately, I think they are healthy.

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Whatever you may expect, Kim Seul-gi shows you things that are beyond your imagination. I had only ever heard about killer schedules super busy schedules sanctorum communio online dating, so it was really hard when I actually experienced it.

In the case of the commercial shoot, I was asked to do an ad-lib that fit my character, but in reality, I like to have scripts, so it was difficult to meet the expectations.

Above all, I have an emotional attachment to it.

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Actually, I gained a lot from [SNL]. When I am in the middle of a hard situation, I try harder to maintain a good living pattern.

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Kim Seul-gi in real life also showed an unexpected side of herself. It makes me work harder because of the feeling of satisfaction. I love the photos from this spread and I love her answers to the questions. Of course, because of that, I had a chance to grow and be loved, but I think in the big picture, it is not healthy for the show to rely only on one actor.

I guess it was burdensome for you when Tto became the main character of Teletubbies land right after the presidential election. Because I was not used to focusing on multiple things at the same time, rather than doing one thing at a time.

I still need to study acting, recently I plan on studying Kim Seon-ah seonbae or Gong Hyo-jin seonbae and dissect their acting. I still worry about that.


You act as a lot of characters and because you do the offense line and then do the defense line, it means you are good at fulfilling your duties. I knew that she was a good seed. I will be easily disappointed if the goal is concrete.

She said she was really nervous with the provacative clothing, but she had to step out of her boundaries and do it. The structurally designed black body suit is from Jane Song.

Kim Seul Gi

I think the best result is if all of the characters become popular harmoniously. Well, now I am on a TV show where I can dance, sing, and act; and I am preparing to be in musical in the near future.

I guess I need to maintain my center and balance.

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I am a younger brother to them. I need to find some more to translate, they are that great. But sometimes you encounter a character that is very difficult to play, way over your determination.

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Two in one day is pretty great for us. But I have to do it anyway, so I wore them even though it made me feel awkward, but because of that, I could show you a different side of myself.

I guess your schedule was challenging not only physically, but also mentally. Check here for more details, but seriously, it is the easiest contest ever.

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Kim Seul-gi has to be one of the cutest stars out right now. Basically, I am a positive person and I believe in destiny. I think that pressure makes me grow unintentionally.

No, not like that. When you have a hard time, who do you discuss it with? Whatever it is, anything about love is the most interesting thing.

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