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Kogan 12v tv review uk dating, is this 55-inch led, freeview hd tv for £750 too good to be true?

I finally got it sent away and then they send me photos and said the phone had been damaged and isn't covered under warranty.

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When we did have a problem, although it was 'Return to Base' warranty, they collected it, repaired it and returned it very quickly and efficiently. Useful Notify us about this review if it contains your personal information, language you find offensive, or you believe the review is fake.

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I bought a phone from kogan that was a couple of hundred dollars cheaper. I was lucky enough some years ago to pick up a Tesco special Technikawhich notably had much better viewing angles and sound than any other set I could then find it was rapidly superseded by another, inferior, model.

I knew that could be the case as they come from overseas but decided I could wait. I'd agree with the comments about viewing angle, but would also add the dating estp male of poor sound, particularly in the very slim sets.

Then within a couple of months using it things started going faulty and then the corner pieces just started falling off one by one.

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Don't forget the Avtex has an FM broadcast feature that allows you to tune your 'vans FM radio in to broadcast the sound over the vehicle's audio system.

If Dave also has, as he says, a stabiliser, I'd be inclined to have a good look around the various "high street" TV retailers and check out the horizontal and vertical viewing angles, and sound, before purchasing.

The 10" I use in my van cost almost as much as my 40" flat screen. It is possible to route the audio and video signal to and from the radio to TV setup.

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Which 12v TV Posts: It could hardly be described as slimline. Small with low consumption for me every time, currently also use a 10" Avtex.

Kogan 12 Volt TVs Posts: Which 12v TV Bulletguy - 3: It is a domestic 19 inch flat screen Daewoo with DVD and usb connection. For starters it took a couple of months to get to me.

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The current bevy of sets in the shops vary widely in both viewing angle and sound, but I haven't seen one that comes anywhere near my current unit for performance. We use that facility occasionally if overnighting next to waterfalls etc.

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The photos were of the same corner pieces that I had sent them. Screen resolution is brilliant but it falls down on the audio side possible because of the tiny speakers. I shall look at other deals but Kogan is looking good and has some good reviews.

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Just hope the jack plug is the same. Huddersfield, West Yorkshire I think the Kogan is the same as the Cello, it looks identical, just a different name. I have an Amperor voltage stabiliser, so effectively have the safe option of almost any TV fed by a 12v "power brick" whether it expects a stabilised supply or not.

I sent it in to them after a long correspondence with them asking me to reset it so clearly never read any of my fault issues as that would never have fixed it. Kogan 12 Volt TVs Location: They aren't cheap by any means but are multi-standard.

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Consumption is nearly half that of my Daewoo. I've been rather underwhelmed by what I've seen so far though for our TV use in the 'van, I couldn't justify 19", so haven't looked in depth at those available.

Maybe the larger sets give better audio.

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Room dictates the size of screens in MH's and 10" was my max. So I now have a faulty phone that cannot be fixed and I've only had it for 4 months. It soon became apparent that our TV eats too many amps as it soon zapped the batteries. There are numerous small sets around, and a few up to 19", not far off the Kogan price point which could be fed by a stabiliser.

Spend the extra money and go somewhere that cares about their business and reputation.

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Having looked at many of the current very slim offerings the size and weight obviously being attractive for motorhome useI'd be very wary of buying any such unit sight unseen.

There are a lot of different makes out there but my question to the TV boffins amongst us is; has anyone any idea which one is the most efficient 12v TV to use in the MH? Read more Notify us about this review if it contains your personal information, language you find offensive, or you believe the review is fake.

It's the cheaper end of the market but works fine with low consumption.