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In April is Annie Leblanc is the last to rumored to be dating Hayden. His birthday was on April 4, ; he is currently 12 years of age. As her fans are always there for her support she is likely to do amazing in the years to come. He has not claimed if he is dating anyone at the moment but has been seen with a girl similar age.

Besides going towards lady after another, the young star is known by the world by doing covers of another artist in his form of style. He also wears the custom extortionate type of clothes with his logo in front endorsing his product.

He belongs to white ethnicity, and holds an American nationality and has a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. Her fan following is going high with the passing days. His parents though are not mentioned much during his videos besides his mother named Tisha.

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His latest videos and uploads have him doing daily vlogs for his fans to keep him up to date on his daily adventures. This little celebrity stands 4 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 40 kilograms.

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Straying far away from gay rumors, another girlfriend to be is Nadia Turner innext is Mackenzie Ziegler in the same year. Her fun challenge videos and vlogs entertain her viewers a lot. As he is a child of age 12, his net worth has not been calculated accurately.

She shares a very close bond with her brother Johnny Orlando and two sisters Darien and Maddie. She has been working hard with great passion and determination in order to please her viewers. She still has enough time to learn and be more confident in the public. Most of which consist of doing challenges with other Youtubers such as himself.

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He has a large family with three sibling brothers, Hunter, Dylan, Jimmy Summerall. He is an active person playing all sorts of sports such as basketball, soccer, and his popular American football.

During a Q and A from the fans, they refused to answer questions when asked if they are having an affair. Lauren has been an inspiration for the youngsters who are blessed with great talent and determination to learn and shine in this competitive world.

Boyfriend Single Little Lauren started her own YouTube channel in and has oversubscribers.

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He tends to keep his life secret and rarely shows in his videos or the red carpet. Her parents, Dale Orlando and Meredith Orlando are very supportive towards their children.

When the video was out, it made similar fan responses as the original artist who made him continue pursuing his dream.

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Many fans are speculating that he may already have a girlfriend. Lauren has been seen shying away from her fans as she says, she falls short of words in front of new people. She was born in Oakville, Ontario, Canada on November 6, He does, however, make a sufficient income as his daily adventures have him traveling in expensive rides in limos and fancy parties.

What is His Net Worth?

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Next is Ruby Rose Turner, though not much said about her. Although Lauren has received a lot of love already at this tender age, her aspirations are big and she aims to achieve greater success in life.

Rumors of Hayden Dating True or False? Lauren along with her brother attend a special school in Los Angeles which is for the children working in the entertainment industry. Init was when he hit the shelves with the biggest views he had with 5 million views.

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At such an early age, Lauren has managed to gain tremendous popularity.