Poro Squad (NA) - Stats - League of Legends - Wasted on LoL Poro Squad (NA) - Stats - League of Legends - Wasted on LoL

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The team managed by former Call of Duty pro Matthew 'Nadeshot' Haag have already confirmed three of their new players: FlyQuest FlyQuest have changed their logo and seem to be changing the majority of their roster FlyQuest have rebranded with a new logo and appear to be changing most of their roster too.

The rumour appearing across the internet is that they will sign the best three players from Team EnvyUs's former roster: It appears their only departure will be Impact.

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OpTic New boys OpTic are rumoured to have made two impressive signings: Soren 'Bjergsen' Bjerg has confirmed he is staying and it appears to be the same for Kevin 'Hauntzer' Yarnell.

Cloud9 Cloud9 appear to be keeping the most of their roster and have signed a few academy players Cloud9 are another team who haven't had too many rumours floating around.

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They've only announced their non-player acquisitions so far, coach Zaboutine and former Unicorns of Love team manager Romain Bigeard.

However, the not-so-good news for CLG is the rumour that Zaqueri 'Aphromoo' Black is going to leave the team but nobody has yet reported where. Liquid are keeping three of these players for their starting line-up: Counter Logic Gaming CLG haven't had many rumours around so far other than they will probably lose Aphromoo There hasn't been too many players rumoured to join CLG but we know who is most likely leaving.

Clutch Gaming Clutch Gaming are rumoured to be picking up the majority of Team EnvyUs' former roster Houston Rockets' Clutch Gaming are also a new team and, while nothing is confirmed, seem to have clear transfer targets.

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Golden Guardians There is a worrying lack of rumours surrounding Golden Guardians' player roster The last of the new NA LCS teams, there worryingly haven't been any rumours over their potential roster of the team owned by the Golden Warriors.

Omar 'Omargod' Amin is likely to drop to their academy team and it was believed CLG are looking for a European jungler but no specific players have been linked.

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Echo Fox Echo Fox are re-hauling their team and could let go of their entire roster including Froggen Rick Fox's team appears to be making a lot of changes to their player roster. As previously mentioned, Doublelift is heavily linked to Team Liquid - he's leaving because TSM are bringing in a new bot lane.

The only player rumour so far that could apply to them is that Hai 'Hai' Lam will join an NBA owned team - but there are a lot of those.

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Share Team Liquid Team Liquid have been signing a ton of players and already appear to have a full starting roster Team Liquid have already been extremely busy in the offseason and their full line-up already seems set.