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Finally unfrozen, he explores New New York, meets his new best friend a kleptomaniacal robot named Bender and goes to work for his great-great-great-great-grand-nephew's space delivery business.

Yancy then attempts to steal the clover from Philip, but Philip runs home. The closeup of the manhole was the logo for the Fox show, "The PJ's", who reciprocated by putting a picture of Fry on a milk carton in their show.

But lightning strikes the rake and electrocutes him. Meanwhile continuous flex hookup wire 16 the stables, Bender is drugging the horses with a hypo- spray.

«The Luck of the Fryrish»

You changed the outcome by measuring it. They're checking the electron microscope. Fry's line, "It's cloverin' time! They leave Fry's house in defeat, but before they can leave the ruins of Old New York, they come upon a statue resembling Yancy, but with an inscription reading "Philip J. Dirt doesn't need luck.

To show up Yancy, Philip performs the septuple headspin, three more rotations than the previous record. When his clumsy attempts to appear …. Philip tries telling his mother, but she is, as usual, distracted by sports this time, golf.

Named for his uncle to carry on his spirit. Fry, Bender, and Leela enter the storage room, and after the lock on the vault proves to be jammed, Bender opens it by oscillating on the structural resonance frequency of the vault. Fry"—and Fry's seven-leaf clover in his lapel. Like proclaiming that Howard Stern is overrated, leaving payphones off the hook, and jaywalking.

Reception This episode is noted as a fan favorite because of its dramatic ending. Fry does horribly with his bets. He recruits the help of Leela, who he'll need to bend the bars which might be blocking the tunnels.

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The episode that focused on their father-son relationship is called Cold Warriors The hypo-spray Bender uses is modeled after the ones on Star Trek. The " people hose " placed duplicates of a character in the stands at the races, but she's probably just a clone, or maybe even a twin. I'll get my kit.

Fry tearfully replaces the clover in his nephew's grave and smiles.

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A video on the internet shows Philip J. In the yearBender counts his winnings from fixing the race, and Fry's head is still smoking from the lightning strike. Brannigan throws the Planet Express crew in jail for violating the planet's security cordon, but tries to seduce Leela.

He lands in a garbage can, and the concession stand cook dumps trash on top of him.

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Yancy pulls the clover out of his pocket and gives it to the child. Leela and Hermes go to the concession stand, where they encounter a paper-hatted salesmanfor some horse-themed and horse-derived food.

In the past, Yancy prepares for his wedding, putting on the camouflage tuxedo that his father wore in Vietnam.

He's perfect for you! While approaching the planet, Leela is thrilled to meet the legendary Captain Zapp Brannigan, who is policing the sector. He is interrupted by a jockey, but drugs him as well. Amy is with her parents in the luxury box, and, in their constant quest for grandchildren, they attempt to set up Amy with their best jockey.

Fry decides they should go to the cemetery and dig up the body to retrieve his clover.

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Fry accidentally falls into a cryogenic chamber and is frozen for 1, years. In the past, Yancy and Philip are trying out for a breakdancing troupewho wish to win a competition, which gives parachute pants as a prize. Fry determines to get his clover back, and assumes it might still be at his old house.

While looking for music to play at the wedding, Yancy forces the lock on the Ronco Record Vault, and finds the Breakfast Club soundtrack.

Futurama - Season 3, Episode 04: The Luck Of The Fryrish

While digging, Fry knocks loose a chunk of moss from the tombstone. Together, Fry, Leela, and Bender climb down a manhole to the ruins. Zoidberg suggests that maybe the clover is still in the place he left it, so Fry plans to enter the ruins of Old New York to look for his clover.

Additional Info Trivia After one of the races, Professor Farnsworth tears up his ticket exclaiming "You changed the outcome by measuring it! However, her attention seems to be on her portable radio, which is tuned in to a Metswinning the world series.