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If you're feeling a little down, the new Happy Mode has also been added to Intelligent Auto, as the name suggests it boosts the color, saturation and brightness to give you a warm glow inside but not a terribly accurate picture. The Unlimited Burst mode of its predecessor, which shoots until you run out of memory albeit at a slower rate, is no longer available.

It performs two main functions - it either makes a standard image look like a higher resolution one by processing the contour areas, texture areas and smooth areas individually, or it digitally boosts the zoom magnification holstein friesian cows for sale in bangalore dating 12x to 16x with minimal loss of quality and no reduction in resolution.

This mode allows you to handhold the camera without using the flash and get more natural results, whilst at the same time freezing subject movement more successfully. Not satisfied video information.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS10 / TZ20

At ISO noise up and sharpness down. To my mind this camera would act as a superb, compact companion to a serious DSLR kit, as it has auto operation, Program AE, shutter and aperture priority and manual exposure as well as a host of scene modes.

I can see the Earth is round in 10 meters Madame Fifteen: Even when set to mm, the lens doesn't extend too far from the front of the TZ10, making it look to all intents and purposes like a "normal" compact camera. It is a 3 inches LCD that is present on the back side of camera and shows vivid and sharp picture.

But the branch in the foreground still looks soft.

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A Panorama Assist mode eases the task by taking a series of images to stitch into a panorama shot, while checking the degree of overlap between adjacent shots. Panasonic have tried to make things as easy as possible for the complete beginner by providing this shooting mode, which allows you to point and shoot the camera without having to worry about choosing the right mode or settings.

As mentioned above, there's a traditional dial on the top of the TZ10 that lets you select the various shooting and scene modes. There is however one important caveat for the European Lumix TZ10 version, which has itgoa yahoo dating maximum recording time of 29 minutes and 59 seconds per file to comply with tax regulations.

As you'd expect, it allows you to start recording a movie with a single push of a button, and then stop recording by pressing the same button - a lot more intuitive than having to select the movie mode then press the shutter button, as on most compacts.

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Leica DC Vario-Elmar f3. This dial is a typical feature of SLR cameras, and enables you to quickly change between the various modes.

Thankfully Panasonic have chosen to supply it in printed format, rather than as a PDF on a CD, so you can also carry it with you for easy reference.

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Why a camera has bad picture quality options? The GPS stays on even when the camera is switched off and there is a green light that periodically flicks on and off to inform you of this. Again though aside from geographic border changes you will always have the correct country, state and city details automatically displayed, and you can manually enter your own landmark name on the photo if desired for internal cataloguing.

The rear of the camera has a 3in LCD screen through which you can frame your photos, and it can be hard to see in bright sunlight.

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You'll have to check with your airline. You can choose to superimpose As for battery life, GPS has an inevitable impact, although perhaps not as much as you fear. There are two different modes, Mode 1 is on all the time including image composition, and Mode 2 is only on when you press the shutter button.

It will show you name of the area, the town and landmark its memory coverslandmarks present in 73 countries worldwide. Why you would buy it: At ISO noise very noticeable and sharpness down: In addition to our clip here, we have two further clips which include an optical zoom throughout the entire range — once again registered members of Vimeo can download the original Motion JPEG clip and AVCHD clip for evaluation on their own computers.

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Let us begin with the screen. The cover for the battery compartment and SD card slot feels a little insubstantial and is locked using a cheap plastic switch. The zoom rocker is loose and easy to use and the zoom operation itself is relatively smooth.

It makes it possible for the less experienced photographer to easily take well-exposed, sharp pictures of people, scenery and close-ups by simply pointing and shooting the camera. For the most accurate results, you can try updating the GPS information manually before you start shooting.

LUMIX DMC-TZ10: Specifications and design

Smaller file sizes are always handy, but the major benefit of choosing AVCHD Lite is the potentially longer recording times. Secondly the video can occasionally suffer from vertical streaks in areas of very high contrast, such as a bright sunlight reflecting on rippling water, although it rarely affected our test footage.

S system, which helps to ensure that the majority of photos taken in good light are sharp. Most of the camera's main options, such as white balance, image quality, auto-focus mode and ISO speed, are accessed here, so the Record menu has 22 options spread over 5 screens, the Motion Picture menu 5 options over 1 screen, the Travel Mode menu 6 options over 2 screens, and the Setup menu has 23 options spread over 5 screens.

There's also a special airplane mode which only keeps GPS on when the camera is switched on.

Panasonic Lumix TZ A Review

The super zoom compacts roll on: The camera is generally very quick to find focus if you use the 1-point high-speed AF option. And like all GPS receivers, coverage may be limited or unavailable in densely wooded areas or when surrounded by tall buildings; Panasonic also warns it may not be available in and around China.

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The GPS Info option shows you exactly which satellites are being used and importantly when the signal lock was last obtained, with the option of manually updating the positioning process.

Intelligent Exposure increases the exposure only in the under-exposed areas of the image, and Digital Red-eye automatically detects and removes red-eye. As testament to the quality of this camera, the tripod socket is made of metal and positioned directly the middle of the bottom of the camera.


You can get incredibly sharp photos if you know how to fiddle with the ISO, sharpness control, and noise reduction. You also need to select the scene mode and therefore have some idea about when it is applicable to your subject. The movie mode is also excellent: Shooting modes include manual, shutter priority and aperture priority.

Due to the large LCD screen and restricting the number of on-screen choices to five, the various options and icons are very clear and legible.