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However, as the main idol is of the Goddess Lakshmi, the temple is named after her.

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We solicit your continued support on this momentous occasion, as we prepare to fender amplifier product dating codes Thiruvalla in the finest of silks.

At Mahalakshmi Silks, our relationships are of utmost importance to us.

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Many people come to visit the Mahalakshmi Temple at this time of the year. They are embellished with ornaments like pearl necklaces, gold bangles and nose rings.

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More recent archeological finds — a small ivory cup carved with a silkworm design and thought to be between and years old, and spinning tools, silk thread and fabric fragments from sites along the lower Yangzi River — reveal the origins of sericulture to be even earlier.

They can buy all those things like garlands, incense sticks etc, necessary for one's offerings. Mahalakshmi silks is located in Thiruvalla. The temple is always thronged with devotees as it is considered to be a sacred temple in Mumbai. Whoever comes to Mumbai, pays a visit to the temple of Goddess Mahalakshmi.

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Thiruvalla will be wrapped in Genuine Silks for the first time. Another example is a group of ribbons, threads and woven fragments, dated about BC, and found at Qianshanyang in Zhejiang province.

Along with tourists the local people also offer their prayers to the deity. The main idol of Goddess Mahalakshmi is placed on the far side of the ornamented gate.


Visitors find the ambiance, ideal for offering their prayers to God. The pain stacking devotees wait for hours in the lengthy queue to offer 'puja' to Goddess Mahalakshmi at this auspicious occasion of Navaratri.

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Half a silkworm cocoon unearthed in from the loess soil astride the Yellow River in Shanxi Province, in northern China, has been dated between and BC.

Silk Today World silk production has approximately doubled during the last 30 years in spite of man-made fibers replacing silk for some uses.

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The three religious idols are known as Mahalakshmi, Mahakali and Mahasaraswati. Mahalakshmi Silks is rooted in its rich heritage of silk and fashion dresses. Mahalakshmi Silks is a branded textile showroom and authentic expertise in silk and fashion dresses. The Lakshmi Devi is seen on a tiger There are numerous stalls in the temple busy, selling the nick-nacks needed for offering 'puja' to the Goddess.

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We are deeply grateful to our suppliers and associates who have supported us in every Endeavour. She is credited with the introduction of silkworm rearing and the invention of the loom. Mahalakshmi Silks focus of the customer taste and experience in choosing the genuine silk.

Navaratri is a festival time and a time for the temple to get specially decked up.

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These stalls are of much help for the tourists who may have no prior plans to offer prayer but on visiting the temple they wish to offer 'puja' to the deity.