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Archaeological research also identified the location of 13th-century fortified settlements in this region, Alexandru V. Leinarius Possible sockpuppet -- user has 0 contribs on en. Originally conceived as an archive to store useful or important historical texts, the project officially began in November 24, under the name Project Sourceberg.

Dahn It doesn't matter where it exists, Wikipedia is not a place for political bullshit. miron costin-de_neamul_moldovenilor_5b | Slides

And I was talking about the Ulster accent of the English language Greier Amongst these prominent figures, there are the following ones: The geographical distribution of the Polish language was affected by the territorial changes of Poland immediately after World War II.

You cannont just say something and pretend it is an argument. Maybe we should have the page protected by a steward or bureaucrat.

That would be like me trying to teach gothic script when I only know a couple words in German. And by the way, could an administrator check how many of the users that voted "against" are sockpuppets?

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Also there are are no users who can contribute to that category, also, why edit 'moldavia' when they can contrbute to Romanian Wiki or Russian Miron costin de neamul moldovenilor online dating When throughout the article, we give sources that government departments and officials say the languages are equal, it is perfectly fine to say in the intro "Some people state the two languages are equal".

Si nu-i diva ca la turci vedem obiceiurile acestea, care au fostu si la Imparatiia Ramului, caci ca Tarigradul si cate tari tin turcii in ceasta parte de lume, care sa chiama Evropa, parte de Imparatiia Ramului ieste.

The steep declines in Europe and North America and consistent decline in Latin America have not been offset by the significant increase in South Asia, the Society is divided into 83 Provinces with six Independent Regions and ten Dependent Regions.

Our job here isn't to control what people think. The two ports remained part of the Ottoman state, with interruptions, until 7. Wikipedia should be above politics.

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And as I noted above, you can say two texts are identical, but you can't say two languages are identical. You need to understand -- saying anything is minor is POV.

I thought this vote was closed and the result was delete. Just need use script conversion feature only-- AlefZet And yet, if somebody, or even one million people, changed from saying "people" to "asipoawerkaklsjdf", the tendency would still be the same.

Presently in Bulgaria, the word bolyari is used as a nickname for the inhabitants of Veliko Tarnovo—once the capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire.

Wikipedia in Cyrillic, something which seems a perfectly reasonable goal.

De neamul moldovenilor

The main example that an average person in Moldova would point you out is Austria and Germany. The Department of the Treasury is responsible for drafting the government budget, economic policy, some market regulation, the Finance Minister, who manages the Department of Finance and Deregulation, is responsible for budget management, government expenditure and market deregulation.

Furthermore, the Latin script official in the Republic of Moldova does not justify a separate wikipedia. By the time of the union, the largely illiterate Romanian-speaking peasants of Bessarabia did not consider themselves part of a larger Romanian nation, and there was no mass nationalist movement as in other regions, such as in Transylvania.

Currently, this lingustic "argument" is used not for defining the identity of a group of people citizens of the Republic of Moldovabut in a cold conflict lasting from 15 years - Transnistria. There are no Moldovan contributors at mo. Linguistics does define what a language is.

In medieval Serbia, the rank of the Boyars was equivalent to the rank of the Baron, meaning free warrior, with the rule of the Ottoman Empire afterthe Ottoman as well as the Austro-Hungarian terms exchanged the Serbian one.

Letopisețul Țărîi Moldovei ; De neamul moldovenilor

On the border between Halych and the Brodniks, in the 11th century, a Viking by the name of Rodfos was killed in the area by Vlachs who supposedly betrayed him. The Bolohoveni disappeared from chronicles after their defeat in by Daniil Romanovichs troops, in the early 13th century, the Brodniks, a possible Slavic—Vlach vassal state of Halych, were present, alongside the Vlachs, in much of the regions territory.

Unfortunately, there are many opposing votes from Russia because too many people in Russia still think of Moldavia as a part of Soviet empire. For other uses, see Moldovan disambiguation. This was a closed discussion.

Laur2ro Support, because mo: I don't think any linguist has so far asserted that the two languages are actually distinct linguistically Dyer, for example, believes they are the same Ronline: That quote, on the other hand, is something he said once, taking up only a few seconds.

The cyrillic script was used duringbut is no longer in usage. They want to distance themselves from Romania and see the language as an unnecessary example of "Romanian expansionism". But it doesn't define how languages should and shouldn't be separated.